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Frequently asked questions for parents with children in Year 6

Generally, pupils transfer to secondary schools at the age of 11. In some areas, children will take the 11 plus exam.

What is the 11 plus?

The "11 Plus" is a selective examination to determine which children should enter Grammar schools in Year 7.

Up until the 1970's, every child in England and Wales had to sit the 11 Plus examination to determine which type of Secondary school they would go to once they had left their Primary School. Nowadays only a few will take the exam.

Grammar School places are offered to roughly one quarter of the year group in areas where the process applies.

How will I know which type of school is suitable for my child?

Available options and information are given to all parents at a year group meeting during the year prior to the test. Parents will have the opportunity for consultations with staff regarding choice of secondary school.

What does the 11+ test consist of?

This varies from area to area in different parts of the country so it is necessary to check with your Local Authority.
The 11+ tests may consist of:

(i) Verbal Reasoning Test or tests,in either traditional format or in a multiple choice format.
(ii) Non-verbal Reasoning Test in a traditional format or in a multiple choice format.
(iii) Maths Test traditional or multiple choice.
(iv) English test

What do secondary schools offer?

All secondary schools offer a wide range of courses to pupils and children who transfer to wide ability schools will be able to pursue academic courses to GCSE, A Level etc.

Can my child transfer to another school later on?

A pupil's assessment at the age of 11 is always open to reconsideration and a later transfer between schools can take place on educational grounds at the age of 12, 13 etc.

Where can I get practice papers for the 11+ examination?

We have produced papers based on the format of the 11+. These can be accessed here: 11+ Papers. To purchase 11+ papers through Amazon, please follow this link: Recommended 11+ Books. Please check the fornmat of the test in your area first. 

What is the procedure in my area?

For information on your own area, see your local authority web site.

What if I am unhappy with the school place my child has been offered?

If you are unhappy with the school your child has been offered you can appeal. All parents/carers have the right to appeal against any decision to refuse them a school place. This means that you can appeal for a place at any school that you named and were not offered, wherever you ranked it on the Common Application Form.

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