Best New Books

There are some wonderful new books being published every month. So we are regularly reviewing newly published children's and young people's books so you know which are the best to choose for your children.

To find your way around the reviews, please use the menus on the right hand side. These are divided into various categories for you to browse. Most of our pages feature books from a range of publishers but we also have pages for specific non-fiction publishers, such as Bloomsbury, BookLife, Hachette and Ruby Tuesday.

Be guided by your child and take time out to browse together in the library and bookshop. Remember, you know your child best, so you are the best judge of the right book for them. Check back here regularly. Also look at books in different age ranges as these might appeal as well.

For ideas on making good use of libraries, as well as plenty of book-related resources, see our Library and Study Skills page.

 Reviews and book descriptions are carried out by a professional librarian especially for us - we don't just regurgitate the blurb from the dust cover!

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