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CGP say: "If you've been in school in the last twenty years – or know anybody who has — chances are you'll have come across CGP books. That's because we're the most popular educational publisher in the UK, with a range of over 1000 bestselling resources for ages 5-18 and beyond. Over 90% of secondary schools order from CGP! So what's the secret to CGP's success? It's pretty simple really. For a start, our books and digital products are the best you can buy. They're meticulously crafted by teachers and curriculum experts, constantly updated and written in a relaxed style that helps to keep things interesting. And since we bend over backwards to keep our prices as low as possible, there's really no reason to choose another publisher's books! View and buy all CGP books from their website. More CGP Books are reviewed on our subject pages and on the pages shown below.

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 Reception & KS1 study guides and revision books

New English Targeted Practice Book: Phonics - Reception Book 1 (CGP Primary Phonics)

CGP books can always be relied on - they offer targeted curriculum coverage in a succinct way which covers exactly what children need to know - and there are always touches of humour to keep children engaged. They are excellent value too. Phonics can be a tricky subject for parents to teach and it's really important that it is done correctly, so rely on this book from CGP to get you started on the right lines. it starts with the basics of sounds and there are plenty of ideas that can be developed at home. It then moves on progressively in the way phonics will be introduced, with engaging activities and colourful characters to help pupils improve their phonics skills. Of course, CGP ensure the contents are perfectly matched to the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme; it covers Phase 1 plus the letters s, a, t, p, I, n, m and d from Phase 2.

 KS2 study guides

New KS2 Discover & Learn: History - Civilisations Teacher Book (Egyptians, Greeks, Maya), Years 3-6 (CGP KS2 History)

This Teacher Book covers all three in the CGP Discover & Learn: Civilisations series - Ancient Greeks, Ancient Egyptians and Mayan Civilisation (9781782949725)). It's excellent to see the Mayan civilistaions included, to extend interest beyond the more commonly studied areas. The book contains answers to every single question in the Activity Books, so it's an invaluable adjunct to them. There's lots more too, including comprehensive lists of extra activities that are ideal for classroom use as well as additional notes. The book is clearly laid out, in a consistent format which makes it easy to use alongside the accompanying books. A really practical book, with a helpful contents list to locate information.

 KS3 study guides

New KS3 English Complete Study & Practice (with Online Edition)

CGP Books really do offer unbeatable value - here is everything students need to cover the KS3 English curriculum. The format is easy to understand, it's simple to find exactly what you want, and the information is comprehensive. All this will help stidents improve their writing, analyse texts and more. The way the book is laid out could be used as a good example for students compiling their own notes, with the good use of colour, arrows, tips, fact boxes and more. To assess learning, there are mixed-topic tests, a speaking and listening section and a practice exam (with answers). I like the exam tips, which offer reassuring advice, and the revision tips which really encourage pupils to take control of their own revision. Offering the best of both worlds, this comes with a free online edition - just use the code in the book to access it. An excellent book to use throughout KS3, and one that really will help a grasp of all aspects of the English syllabus.

CGP Books

CGP write and sell great value revision guides and study books for UK schools. The educational books cover A-Level, GCSE, KS3, KS2 and KS1. We can only show a few here, so please go to the CGP website for lots more books.

This is what CGP Books say on their website:

"Since 1995 we've published over 600 titles for a massive range of courses and subjects, becoming the most popular educational publisher in the UK. In fact we're so popular that we send several lorry-loads of books from our headquarters every week.

So… what’s so good about our books?

Basically, they’re dead straightforward and lots of fun to use. We write every page in a chatty style that’s easy to learn from and we slip in a few jokes (well, we think they’re funny!) along the way. What’s more, we want everyone to use our books, so we work really hard to make sure they’re top‑notch for the lowest possible prices."

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