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 Here we have a selection of books to encourage interest and participation in sport, and to encourage all children to enjoy books.

World Rubgy Club Kids' Handbook from Carlton Kids

Perfect to generate excitement in younger rugby fans, this is the only official children's companion to Rugby World Cup 2019 which kicks off on 20 September, 2019. This colourful and comprehensive book provides the perfect tournament companion for younger rugby fans, with clear layout, excellent photos and a plethora of fascinating facts. Learn about about the host country, Japan, plus the stadiums, top teams, superstar players, Rugby World Cup facts and stats, as well as loads of games, quizzes and puzzles. I like the way the fill-in aspect of the book encourages children to complete the records for themselves. This enhances their interest and also encourages accuracy when entering facts and makes them easier to remember. A really good round-uo.

Morgan (Ultimate Football Heroes) by Charlotte Browne

Alex Morgan is co-captain of Team USA and known around the world. Find out how she developed her love for sport from childhood in this inspiring biography. She is now the star who leads the American attacking line, her height, speed and skill make her impossible to defend, and have helped drive USA to World Cup and Olympic glory. This is one in an excellent series which promotes women's football and provides children with inspirational reading as they find out how players have overcome challenges to achieve success in their chosen game. The writing is good, with a clear fast-paced narrative style that crosses the boundary between fact and story for an engrossing read, whilst remaining completely factual and accurate. It's an excellent series to collect. Also available by the same author - Marta (Ultimate Football Heroes) , the story of the highly skilled Brazilian, held to be the best footballer in the history of the women's game, and Kirby (Ultimate Football Heroes) , the dynamic English striker hailing from Reading.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Kids' Handbook by Carlton Kids

The ICC Cricket World Cup England & Wales 2019 and the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Kids' Handbook are the official companions to the most important cricket tournament, the World Cup. The tournament runs from 30th May – 14th July 2019. It's brilliant to see this handbook about the World Cup is specifically written for children, to generate an interest in cricket and to develop their interest in what is a somewhat complex game. This book is ideal to build up their excitement in the run-up period, as well as during play. The book is full of information about the hosts, England and Wales. It features the players and teams, the grounds, Cricket World Cup facts, statistics and record breakers, as well as games, quizzes and puzzles. There are also charts to keep track of all the matches. It's a great way to fill children with enthusiasm with lots of activities for them to enjoy.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 England by Carlton Books Ltd​

Older children and adults will revel in the vast amount of information included in this official guide. The World Cup is the most important 50-over cricket tournament. Eight teams will be joining hosts England and Wales. This comprehensive guide includes player profiles, team analysis, venue maps, history of the Cricket World Cup and key statistics. There are full guides to the 10 teams and their star players. Keep track of the whole competition with the fill-in guide. The Cricket World Cup's glorious history and tournament records are also fully covered. It's lavishly illustrated throughout and there's a wealth of information packed into the pages. It's unmissable reading for all cricket fans and the perfect companion.

Football School Season 3: Where Football Explains the World by Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton

This is a fascinating insight into the world of football which will appeal to all young football fans and provide a great reading incentive even for reluctant readers. This non-fiction book is full of true stories, real science and fascinating facts, all presented with touches of humour and lively illustrations on every page by Spike Gerrell. The illustrations are a key part of the fun of the book with lots of cartoons to enjoy. The book is amazingly informative, with lots to learn beyond the world of football - it's a great way to enhance children's general knowledge as well as football knowledge - and to get them thinking. Children can astound their friends with their inside knowledge! A super book for all football fans, full of fascinating facts and figures and world-wide information.

Smith (Ultimate Football Heroes)​ by Charlotte Browne

Kelly Smith was determined to prove she was just as good as the boys - and this inspiring book shows just how hard she had to work to achieve that aim, giving a very real encouragement to girls to emulate her determination and ultimate success. By the time she was nine, she was a better player than most of the boys at her local club - and angry parents complained she was making their sons look silly. Once she moved to a girls' team, Kelly knew she had to be twice as skilful and brave as any boy to succeed in the game she loved. Find out how she became an Arsenal superstar and the England women's national team's top scorer. 'Ultimate Football Heroes is a series of biographies telling the life-stories of the biggest and best footballers in the world and their incredible journeys from childhood fan to super-star professional player.' The pacy, action-packed style makes the books an excellent read for girls and boys, and the sporting link is a good way to encourage reluctant readers.


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