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We would like to congratulate the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee. We have all enjoyed her wonderful reign and appreciate all the hard work that she and her family dedicate towards this country and the Commonwealth. We have compiled this special newsletter so that your children have the opportunity to discover more about her reign, where she lives, the history of the Royal family, and for younger ones, how to help the Queen with her sums! We are looking forward to all the celebrations and hope everyone has a good time. There are, as always, a multitude of books and software to win at the end of this newsletter. Good luck and enjoy the celebrations!
The Queen The Queen has a large family with all her children and grandchildren.There is a paper which tells you all about Queen and Prince Philip's family. The Queen is very proud of her family and they are all taking part in the celebrations for her Diamond Jubilee. The preparations for
The Diamond Jubilee have been very carefully orchestrated by the Royal advisors and the family plan to visit all parts of the Commonwealth The Diamond Jubilee and the Commonwealth.

Childhood The Queen had a very happy childhood and during her early years enjoyed family life. She regards this as very important. She met HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh when she was quite young and, as she said in an important speech to Parliament recently, she is grateful for all his support and attentiveness. Many people will still be able to remember  The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II  and there are still mementoes around denoting this important event. I hope you enjoy all these papers on Queen Elizabeth II.


 Worksheets Even the Queen has to be aware of the cost of running all her houses and her estates - The Queen's sums worksheet will be enjoyed by those at KS1. How many facts do you know about the Queen and her Jubilee celebrations? Find out with our Worksheet 1 on the Diamond Jubilee. Do you know the names of all the members of the Royal family? Try The Royal Family photos worksheet and see how many of the Queen's family you can recognise.

Crosswords We thought it would be fun to find out interesting facts through these crosswords. Jubilee crossword for all is about the Jubilee and the celebrations surrounding it. Can you answer the questions having read the pages above? Enjoy this puzzle about our Queen Queen Elizabeth crossword. We hope your children find these fun and learn about The Queen Jubilee crossword to enjoy.
Wordsearches Many people enjoy wordsearches and it can be fun to do them as a family or in class, either separately or in pairs. Wordsearch on Jubilee 1 - try this one and see who finishes first! Challenge your family to see who can finish these searches quickest. Wordsearches on Jubilee 3 and 4. Remember to check and ensure you have found all the words.
Life in Britain since the War How many of you know how to fly The Union Flag? Read this work sheet and perhaps you will learn some new facts. The Queen comes from a long line of monarchs so this sheet on The Kings and Queens of England will tell you who. I am sure some of your grandparents will know about life before and since the war. Ask them to tell you about this and read the paper Life in Britain since the War. Queen Elizabeth I was another strong Queen and she is still respected and studied today

The Queen's houses The Queen and Prince Philip live in different houses at different times of the year. Buckingham Palace is her main London residence and she holds meetings, investitures and  garden parties there. At Christmas she enjoys Sandringham House and many of the Royal family join her there to share in the celebrations. For her summer holidays she goes to Balmoral in Scotland and also spends a week at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.

Giveaways Lots of exciting giveaways for you again this month. Entering is simple - just see our Giveaway page to see more about each title and let us know which prize(s) you would like to win, along with your address. London is in the news, so children will enjoy the London Sticker Book. They can have fun with the Farm Stencil Cards too. The Computer Classroom at Home software is perfect to reinforce learning. This Little Piggy and Night Night Baby introduce two wonderful series for young children. Numbers is great for little ones too - and try Snorey Time when they won't sleep. Everyone loves Elmo! The Lost and Found series is excellent for inquisitive youngsters.

Books about the Queen.

Also, do have a look at The Bumper Book of London it is crammed with little-known fascinating facts about London - ideal for school projects!

Best wishes

Jackie Bacon

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