Citizenship - KS1

Our Citizenship pages are based on the previous National Curriculum. Some directly cover the topics, others offer a broader perspective to help pupils put their knowledge into context. Citizenship is now non-statutory but the basic principles are still taught in schools as part of cross-curricular and PSHE work.

Unit 1 Taking part: developing skills of communication and participation

  • pupils learn about themselves as developing individuals
  • they learn to listen  
  • they discover what choices should be made
  • they find out animals help us
  • they learn facts about people who help us such as RNLI and especially our Local Policeman.
Citizenship at KS1
Be a good listener
Playground games
School Councils

Unit 2 Choices

  • Making choices and asking questions
  • All about me
Making choices
All about me
Making choices

Unit 3 Animals and us

  • Animals and us
  • Animals who help us
Animals and us
Animals and us
PETA Foundation
Animals who help us

Unit 4 People who help us - discuss together about people in the community who help us such as:

  •  the local police
  • RNLI
The police
History of the police
The local police

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