Colouring is a great favourite with most children. When they have written 'a letter' it is always a lovely surprise to also receive a beautifully coloured picture.  Encouraging children to use pencils and paints in this way really does help develop excellent fine motor skills which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their life.

We have illustrated below just some from our wide selection of colouring pages. For more, search in the Worksheet Finder under Creative Activities - colouring.

Egyptian gods colouring
Patterns to colour
Farm animals colouring
Buildings to colour
Animal pictures to read and colour
Colour and reading revision sheets
Colouring - children's book characters
Dinosaur colouring pages
Have fun together with colouring
Toys colouring pages
Seaside 'S' words & colouring


French alphabet colouring book
French colouring topic
Madagascar colouring book
My clothes to colour
Painting a butterfly
Animal alphabet to colour
Summer colouring pages
Ancient history colouring pages
Early Britons colouring pages
British history colouring - people
Egyptian people colouring
Greek people colouring
Roman people colouring
Viking people colouring
Celtic people colouring
Sports people colouring pages
People colouring pages
Insect colouring pages
Seasons colouring
Colouring - clothes for weather
Circus colouring pages
World War II aircraft to colour
Colouring pages - cars
Colouring pages - big machines
Colour these pictures
Write and colour Hey Diddle Diddle
Write and colour Little Miss Muffet
Write and colour Jack be Nimble


Winter colouring
Dinosaur colouring
Write and colour Mary Mary
Write and colour Jack and Jill
Summer flower colouring
Bayeux Tapestry colouring
Buster Books Spring flowers colouring
Buster Books Royal Wedding colouring
Priddy Books fairy colouring
Priddy Books adventure colouring
Colouring pages for nutrition
Butterfly colouring 2
Car colouring
Pirate colouring picture
Baby Animals Colouring Buster Books
Colouring pages for winter

Thank you to Buster Books for permission to include colouring pages. H

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