Children learn by communicating with people and one of the best ways to do this is through playing games. This teaches children to communicate, to share and to enjoy physical activities.

Games to enjoy
Games to play with your children
Lotto board and cards
My animal lotto
Find the treasure
Footprints-fun activity
Pirates ahoy

Travel games

Have a happy journey
Holiday family fun - Riddles
I spy
I spy animals
I spy as I travel
I spy in the country
I spy EYFS Spelling
I spy on the road
Town I spy
Travel fun
Thoughtful questions
Tricky questions

Lateral thinking see Thinking Skills for more

Lateral thinking 1 bottleneck and trains
Lateral thinking 2
Lateral thinking 3
Lateral thinking 4


Lateral thinking 5
Logic problem
Logic puzzles
Logic puzzles 1


Logic puzzles 2
Logic puzzles 3
Logic puzzles 4
Logic puzzles 5

Playground games.

Children need to participate in team games.They can do this by taking turns in the playground or in a play park. As children get older, they learn rules by being taught games and to become part of a team. This also encourages responsibility as well as developing friendships.
Playground games
Playground games


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