Geography KS3

 Here are some worksheets based on the requirements of the curriculum from September 2016.

Weather topic work for KS3
Name the landform geography revision for KS3
Sedimentary rock
Polar ice caps
Topic on Russia
The Shipping Forecast

Weather can affect us in many ways. Meteorologists study weather patterns to predict changes.
Landforms can be divided into different types such as canyon, spur and blowhole.

The worksheets below are based on the National Curriculum as taught pre-2014. However, pupils will still study the majority of these topics but not necessarily in the same order. Some directly cover the topics; some give research suggestions and others give a broader perspective on the topic, which helps children put their knowledge into context.

Unit 1 Making connections

Geography programme of study KS3
Unit 1 KS3 Around the world
Exploring your area - Google
Studying your own locality

Unit 2 The restless earth - earthquakes and volcanoes

Volcano world
Volcanoes 2
Italy's volcanoes

Unit 3 People everywhere

Analysing population data
Settlements KS3
Population data

Unit 4 Flood disaster - how do people cope?

Rivers and flooding
The Lynmouth and Boscastle floods
Flood management
Environment Agency

Unit 5 Exploring England

Resources for Unit 5
Visit Britain
Great Britain
Planning a tour of England

Unit 6 World sport

Sport Unit 6
Stadia and location
Sport England
Statistics for sport

Unit 7 Rivers - a fieldwork approach

River features
Rivers - National Geographic
Meanders and flood plains

Unit 8 Coastal environments

Coastal deposition
Coastal environments
Revision of coasts
Coastal landforms

 Unit 9 Shopping - past, present and future

How shopping habits have changed
Settlements, land use and retailing
Shopping then and now
History of M&S

Unit 10 Weather patterns over Europe

Climate change - Google
Weather forecasting
Weather patterns in Europe
Words for weather

Unit 11 Investigating Brazil

Introduction to Brazil
Viva Brazil
Rio de Janiero

Unit 12 Images of a country

Images of a country
Atlapedia online
Lonely Planet guides
Photo library

Unit 13 Limestone landscapes of England

Peak District
Limestone features
Upland limestone
Learning through landscapes

Unit 14 Can the Earth cope? Ecosystems,population and resources

Sustainable development
World population growth
Rainforest activities
Rainforest Foundation Education Pack

Unit 15 Crime and the local community

Crime and the local area
Crime in the UK
Home Office
The Independent - crime

Unit 16 What is development?

Chocolate and Fair Trade - Google
International Development
What is development?
Measuring development

Unit 17 The changing economic geography of France

Economy of France
The French economy
French community in the 19th century
Renault France

Unit 18 The global fashion industry

Child labour
Clean Clothes Campaign
Labour behind the label
Global fashion industry

Unit 19 Tourism - good or bad?

Tourism in Thailand
Tourism - good or bad?
Tourism in the UK
Tourism in Kenya

Unit 20 Comparing countries

Global Gateway
Comparing countries
Kerala life in India
National Geographic

Unit 21 Virtual volcanoes and Internet earthquakes

Kobe earthquake
Human impact of volcanoes and earthquakes

Unit 22 Mining on the Internet

Coal mining in England and Wales
Coal mining in Poland
Big Pit National Coal Museum
UK Coal

Unit 23 Local action, global effects

Tropical rainforests
The River Severn
The River Rhine

Unit 24 Passport to the world

Citizenship - the European Union
Earth quest
KS3 geography
Revise KS3 geography

Revision pages
Try these revision papers on coasts, rock cycle, weathering and more.

Revision of coasts
Revision of the rock cycle
Geography topic KS3
Physical geography coasts
Igneous rocks
Latitude and longitude
Physical geography rivers
Physical geography energy
Physical geography oceans
Physical geography landforms
Year 7 holiday project

Curriculum in Scotland and Wales
Our current worksheets are based on the National Curriculum for England.


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