Give your child a head start

This page is called 'Give your child a head start' because it is written to encourage you, as a parent of a child in Early Years/Foundation Stage to do exactly that. If you take an interest in your child's schooling and establish a routine at home now, it will stand your child in good stead later on. We encourage you to talk about school, read with them, and help them enjoy using pencils, colouring and painting.


Have fun together FS
Try counting at the beach FS
Lines and directions FS
Short vowel sounds for Reception
Animals on the farm FS
Sounds and actions FS
More or less FS
Rhyming words FS
Have fun FS
Hot and cold FS
Colour these pictures
Stepping stones
Fantasy play
Look at the pictures FS
Fun paper for Foundation Stage
Picture dictionary
Have fun eating FS
Learn by singing
FS drawings
Bees and words FS
Circle the pictures
Mummies and babies
Colour, count and rhyme
High and low FS
FS science fun
Let us learn to count
Learn in Early Years
Farm animals 2
Enjoying playtime
Playing in the park
Let's play
Picture cards and blocks
In the night garden
Handa's hen
Rainy day topic
Fun with dinosaurs
Discussion paper for Foundation Stage learning
Letters and sounds for Foundation Stage
Introduction to numbers
All sorts of phonics
FS basic thinking skills
Making sets
The little red hen rebus story
Write numbers 1 - 4
The gruffalo FS topic
Have fun with play dough
6 goals on The hungry caterpillar
The little red hen rebus story
These animals help us all
A busy morning
My favourite things
Mummies and their babies
Listening to sounds
My thoughts for 2013
Choose which ones you like
Colour letters
Look at the pictures 2
Words and family ideas
Look at these pictures
Look at these pictures with Mum
Revision of numeracy 2
Science fun
Literacy booklet
Goldilocks and the Three Bears discussion board
All about me
All about animals
Harry and Tilly
Tom's diary-writing
Painting a butterfly
Farmyard sounds topic
Animal sounds used to teach phonics
Match up the sounds
Exploring shape and colour for FS
Fun with sound and pictures
Learning is fun
Language work on Humpty Dumpty
Foundation stage maths ideas
Everyday life for FS
12 apostles quiz
Beginning to count
All about me
Numbers 1 to 4
Foundation maths
FS maths
Foundation action sheets
This is how a flower grows
Rainy day topic
Help your child with telling the time - FS
Maths thoughts for R and KS1
Numbers and counting
Three Billy Goats Gruff

Learn about colour and shapes
Sequencing actions
Alphabet of food
An example of maths ideas for FS
Making sets 2
Try these ideas with your 5 year old
Starting school at 5
Counting songs
Alphabet songs
Matching skills for Reception
Picture and words to match
Have fun
One More etc
Can you solve these puzzles?
Thinking about pictures
Pictures and sentences
Look at the pictures 3
Match each word with picture
Shapes FS
Colours and patterns
Look at these pictures 2
Ideas for Foundation Stage
Playing dentists
At the beach
Matching picture game
Look carefully
Find the word FS
Picture matching
Fun in the Snow for FS
Have fun at the party
On the farm 2
Let us have some fun
Make a pair FS
Penguin pals
The odd one out
Fun with pictures
Rhyme and song
Activities for baby
Where animals sleeep
Helping toddlers listen


Nursery Rhymes are a good way to extend vocabulary, learn to count, experience rhyme and use imagination. These can also be sung - maybe this first experience will help them enjoy music all their life!


Traditional nursery rhymes
Songs to sing to reinforce sound phonic work
Rhymes to teach listening
Nursery rhymes help with phonic sounds



Phonic picture cards a-e
Phonic picture cards f-j
Phonic picture cards k to o
Phonic picture cards p to t



Phonic picture cards u to z
Phonic actions for s,a,t,i,p and n
Phonic actions for g,o,u,l,f and b
Phonic actions for y,x,ch,sh,th


Topic webs are cross curriculum projects and are really useful to vary learning. Music, maths, stories, painting, physical activities and science can all be taught under one theme. This helps with concentration, understanding, imagination and creativity. Children love participating in topics in this manner. Try one of the ideas below with your child!


Topic on spring
Topic on underground
Topic on mini beasts



Let us learn to count-beginning of number
Brain game for Early years
Pencil and paper
Exploring shape and colour for FS


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