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Progressive learning is one of the top requests we receive from parents. Help is at hand with our eBooks!

We have selected topics to cover the areas where parents most often ask for our help. Each eBook:

  • gives an overall view of the topic in a progressive manner to enable you to support your child
  • includes instruction on how the topic is taught in school (where appropriate)
  • is complemented by selected worksheets to give your child practice and to consolidate learning.

Many children enjoy doing these exercises at home at their own speed. Then, when they tackle the subject at school they will feel more confident and get better results. At just £1.99 each, they are excellent value - and you can download as soon as you pay.

Special offer for you today*. Take out a 3 year subscription to Parents in Touch and we will email you a copy of our eBook on Thinking Skills as a free bonus! Be sure to enter eBook in the token box on the payment page to get your free eBook.*

For more information and to purchase these invaluable resources, see our eBook page.

eBook on Grammar
Grammar can be tricky, so we have compiled this eBook to help with some of the basic questions parents ask. It includes the eight parts of speech, sentence construction and figurative language. There are plenty of exercises to help understanding and consolidate learning. It is aimed at key stages 1 and 2.
eBook on Comprehension Comprehension Many parents ask us how they can help develop their child’s comprehension skills. In response, we are delighted to offer this eBook. It brings together teaching advice and practical examples which will help children from key stage 1 up to the more complex passages used in key stage 3.
eBook on Spelling
Spelling One of the most common requests on Parents in Touch is for help with spelling so we have produced this eBook to enable you to help your child with spelling right through from key stages 1 to 3. It contains teaching advice and lots of practice.
eBook on Science Science This eBook is designed to support the science curriculum as taught in primary school. It includes an introduction to science and ideas to help your child learn scientific concepts at home in everyday situations, and encourages them to observe the world around them. Children from ages 5 to 11 will enjoy the experiments, fact sheets and quizzes which all support key stage 1 and 2 learning.
eBook on Geography for KS1 Geography As well as supporting KS1 geography as studied at school, our eBook on geography is an excellent way to extend knowledge and interest in the world around us. Geography is a fascinating subject and children’s enthusiasm can be stimulated by observing the impact it has on our daily lives. Fun practical activities are a key part of this eBook.
eBook on History KS2 years 3 and 4 History Our history eBooks for Key stage 2, Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6 cover the Units from the Scheme of Work commonly used in schools. The eBook includes information on the topics themselves and background information to support and enhance understanding. There are plenty of activities to help children have fun and reinforce learning.
eBook on Addition Addition comes into many aspects of schooling and life so help ensure your children can add. Enjoy working through this book together to reinforce the work done in school and to discover the progression of work on addition practised in school. Use the games and fun pages to make learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
eBook on Subtraction Subtraction - often an area of maths that many young children find difficult. The best way to avoid this is to introduce it in a practical manner as shown in this eBook. Your child will benefit from having a visual picture of the operation which helps reinforce learning. The eBook is designed to make learning Subtraction as much fun as possible as you work through it with your child
eBook on Thinking Skills Thinking Skills As they grow, children become more independent, develop thinking skills and become aware of their emotions and surroundings. This process continues with children being increasingly capable of solving puzzles and gaining greater enjoyment of stories and rhymes.

Toys and Games As well as our book reviews, we also feature toys and games which help children's learning in a fun way. 

Brainstorm Globe Rockets and Comets Learn the Time with Rupert Bear Around the World Jigsaw

Best wishes
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