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Helping your child at home by SubjectAt Parents in Touch it is our aim to support parents to help their children at home with all their learning, whether they are at school or being home educated.  We have brought together our pages on 'How to help your child' as we want parents to know the teaching methods that are used at school to avoid confusing their children and to ensure that there is continuity. The papers below are written to help parents achieve this aim and to give practical and enjoyable ideas which will stimulate children and encourage them to enjoy learning As children grow older the syllabuses and examination details are outlined to ensure that parents and teachers can help teenagers make the correct decisions for their future. We hope you find these useful.

Maths help

Maths can often be reinforced by practical help at home, especially for younger children. There are many ideas below which will encourage children to work hard and to have a full understanding of many complex procedures.

Early Years
Key Stage 1

English help

English is a complex language with many variations in spelling rules, and a variety of writing procedures. Reading, understanding comprehension, spelling and a love of literature will give your child a head start for the future. All subjects depend on a good working knowledge of writing and presentation.


Science help

Understanding how the world works and how things react will give your child the knowledge needed to make the correct decisions and have a balanced view of life. Many of these principles can be reinforced at home and work on presentation and display is a good attribute to acquire earlier rather than later.

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Parental help

As children begin to get ready for school, parents are often anxious about their welfare. They will be relying on teachers to support their young children and all want their children to have the best start in schooling. Making decisions and understanding the procedures used in school can be worrying, so many of the papers below will help. There are also some questions that you can ask the teachers, and preparation that parents can use to get their child used to the routines.

As children grow older revision, selection of courses, help with homework as well as other information is useful to parents when decisions about courses, subjects, examinations and future schools have to be made.

Help with KS3 

As children reach secondary school they will want more input into decisions that affect them. They may, however, still need support and even may need persuasion to revise or to continue with education. Every young person has different needs, even those in the same family, so it is difficult to cover all the permutations. A few suggestions for this age group are included below.

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