Helping your 5-7 year old (Key Stage 1)

We have many pages on the site to help you with your Key Stage 1 child.


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Many schools now offer breakfast, after-school and holiday clubs and there are always local activities for children. Take advantage of these to raise your child’s self esteem.

If children are good at dance or acting, encourage this as performing on stage is a good way to increase confidence. They will have to ‘perform’ at interviews, so this practice is valuable.

If you know that your child is having a problem in a particular subject or area they will need your support and sympathy. This is not always easy after a long day but do try and spend time to alleviate the problem.

There are so many opportunities in life now it is not always necessary to be an academic. The important path to follow as a parent is to talk, to discuss and to agree with your child a solution which will work. As your child gains in maturity, you will be able to discuss and agree on an increasing number of issues.

Younger children, at Key Stage 1, do need to be taught the basics.

Tables and spellings sometimes have to be learnt and life will be much easier for the child when they are at their fingertips.

Reading is important so do try and read with and to your child every day

Personal organisation is very helpful so if as a parent/carer you can encourage this sooner rather than later, life will be more peaceful. Remember, your five year old can dress themselves; they do know which day is swimming day, so let them find their own costume!

Manners are always valued. Any adult appreciates it when a child says please and thank you. They are more likely to put themselves out for that child.

Appearance is equally important and being simply neat, tidy and clean can impress people. You will have to concede to modern fashions so allow some compromise.

Your help with routines is important so that children feel secure and safe

Teach your child to research…both on the computer (with adult guidance) and with books so that they know where to gain information and advice for later.

Topic work set by school is your chance to work together, to plan, to collate and to be creative. All children need advice and time.

Enjoy your  children. They grow up very quickly

Remember, every child is different and special. Be realistic about your child’s ability and try not to compare them with others. This can be the hardest part about being a parent.

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