History KS1

Here you will find a selection of resources based on the new curriculum used from September 2016. Many more can be found through the Worksheet Finder.
Famous people such as Queen Victoria, Christopher Columbus, Elizabeth I and Pieter Brueghel have all had very different lives but inspiring lives. Find out about them and how they enjoyed their lives.

Queen Victoria for KS1
Changes in Victorian England
The first aeroplane flight
Christopher Columbus for KS1
Elizabeth I for KS1
Tim Berners-Lee
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
L S Lowry
Rosa Parks
Emily Davison
Edith Cavell and comprehension

These pages cover the entire syllabus for Key Stage 1 history, arranged in the order the subjects were taught under the pre-2014 curroculum. They include teaching suggestions, outlines of the topics and activities.

Unit 1 How are our toys different from those in the past?
Children have always loved Teddy Bears so read about the History of the Teddy. Roman toys included dolls, rattles and play houses! Do you have these today in your house?

The teddy bear
My teddy bear
History of toys
Toys through history

Unit 2 What were homes like a long time ago?
Some houses years ago were made from straw. What sort of house do you live in? Has your child ever slept in a tent or on a boat?

Homes in the past
In our homes now and in the past
Homes long ago
Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

Unit 3 What were seaside holidays like in the past?
In Victorian times, people went to the beach because they thought it was healthy. The larger seaside towns had entertainment such as Music Halls, zoos, theatres and pleasure gardens, some of which are still retained today.

Beside the seaside-activities
Seaside holidays
Seaside holidays now and then
Holidays in Felixstowe

Unit 4 Why do we remember Florence Nightingale?
People remember Florence Nightingale as the Lady with the Lamp. She was a nurse who helped many people recover for illnesses.During the Crimean War Florence took a group of nurses to Turkey to help injured soldiers.

Florence NIghtingale
Famous people
Florence Nightingale - website

Our current pages are based on the National Curriculum for England.

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