How to teach: concentration and thinking skills

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Have you read any of the comments below on your child's school report recently?
"Knows tables but must concentrate on how to use them"
"Needs more help with problem solving"
"Knows basic four rules but must work more quickly"

Problem solving

These puzzles will help improve problem solving and thought processes.

Maths puzzle
Maths puzzle 2
Reasoning puzzle 1
Reasoning puzzle 5

Needs to increase confidence in his own abilities”
“Still needs to be more self confident”
“Work more quickly and with confidence”


These puzzles will help to increase confidence and hence concentration

Concentrate and read
Crossword 3
Use every letter
Crossword 5 Around the world
Number crossword
Egyptian crossword

“needs to improve reading skills”
“must extend vocabulary”
“improve spelling and presentation”
High frequency words which should be covered for your child’s age group

Word search 1 reception
Word search 2 KS1
Word search 3 for KS1
Word search 4 Years 3-4
Word search 5 Years4-5

“must be able to relate one piece of information to another”
“be aware of all the implications to the question”
“be able to solve a problem in more than one way”

Spatial awareness and reasoning powers

Children's quiz
Spatial awareness 1
Spatial awareness 2
Spatial awareness 3
Spatial awareness 5
Puzzles for all

“Approach problems from a different angle”
“Needs to think around a problem”
“Must extend range of thought and thinking processes”
“Must develop more extended thought processes”
“Must develop the ability to predict results”
Lateral thinking

Lateral thinking 1 bottleneck and trains
Lateral thinking 2
Lateral thinking 3
Lateral thinking 4
Lateral thinking 5
Holiday family fun - Riddles

“Apply logic to help solve problems or tasks”
“Be systematic and logical in approaching work”
“Show the logic in arriving at their answer”
“Think slowly and with care to arrive at the correct answer”

Logic puzzles 1
Logic puzzles 2
Logic puzzles 3
Logic puzzles 4
Logic puzzles 5
Logic problem
Logic puzzles

Fun maths Many more ideas on the Fun maths page

Fun maths for KS1
Fun maths for KS2
Fun maths
Fun maths for all the family

There are many more ideas to stimulate your children. Here are some examples with links to the pages:
I hope that these ideas are helpful and that they will encourage the children to keep thinking and learning although having fun.

The Brown family
Banana Legs
Platonic shapes
Puzzles and thought provoking
Maths puzzles
Brain teasers questions for fun
Thinking and teasers
Sudoku puzzles for all the family
Puzzles for all the family
Thoughtful questions
Maths puzzles & problems for year 1 & 2
Maths fun for year 3
Maths fun for year 4
Maths puzzles and problems-years 5&6
Brain teasers
Tricky questions
Test your intelligence
All sorts of words
Word puzzle
Word play for all
Working with others
Brain game for Early years
I spy on the road
I spy seaside
I spy animals
20 fun things to do as you travel
Lotto board and cards
Geography what's what
History quiz - the Romans
You have to think
Thinking Puzzles
Brain teasers 2
Can you work these out?
Have fun with mazes
Joke book
Games to enjoy
Fun holiday games for the family
Fun activities from African Penguin
Thinking and teasers
Memory games
Solar system quiz
Auditory games

Christmas fun

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