Lesson Plans

Here are some lesson plans and teaching ideas which may be useful to you. Some are generic and some are more specific. We regularly add new resources.



Outline 1 for daily lesson plan
Generic lesson plan
My daily lesson plan
Why lesson plans should be written
Teaching plan on The Gruffalo
Fruit & vegetables topic for FS lesson plan
Lesson plan on consonants
FS lesson plan
Knowledge & understanding of the world 1
FS weekly teaching plan
English lesson plan on writing in sentences
Going on a bear hunt lesson plan
Lesson plan on It's Not Fair for Reception
Medium term planning for Reception
Dance plan for K
Transition from Reception to Year 1
General mathematical lesson plan




Dance movement lesson plan KS1
Exercise lesson plan
Keeping body healthy lesson plan
Skin and germs lesson plan
Music lesson plan for Year 1
Maths lesson plan for KS1
Teaching plan on Surprise story
Lesson plan on verbs for KS1
Lesson plan for start of new term for Infants
Make science fun
Art lesson plan for Year 1
Introductory lesson plan on subtraction
Crocodiles topic for KS1
Thinking of others lesson plan for Year 1
Lesson plan on Papa Panov
Lesson plan to create patterns
Spelling and thoughts for Year 2
Lesson plan on identifying phonics
Spelling words for Year 2
Lesson plan on sound discrimination
Lesson plan on police
Lesson plan on satip
A short phonic lesson plan
Lesson plan on shapes
Phonic lesson plan for Year 1
Lesson plan on verbs
Lesson plan on animals for KS1
Choosing the right book
Lesson plan on animals KS1/2
Odds and even lesson plan KS1
Lesson plan on money KS1
Lesson plan on gardening
Lesson plan on word patterns
Lesson plan on the Gingerbread Man
Lesson plan on numbers to 10
Fairy tale journey around Europe




Fun ideas for November - teacher
Water transport for teachers part 1
Water transport for teachers part 2
Great inventions for teachers
Encouragement of imagination
Teacher: take care with this
Exploring sewing lesson plan
Lesson plan on movement
Lesson plan on aliens
Richard III and Henry VII
Lesson planning - journeys
Quiz questions for teachers KS2
English lesson plan for KS2
Lesson plan on climate change
Lesson plan on past and present tense
Revision strategies plan
Poetry on water lesson plan
Global water awareness lesson plan
Water has many uses lesson plan
Aims for year...
SATS prep science
Planning for work on Britain since 1930
Lesson plan Y6 adaptation & independence
Lesson plan on changes Year 6
Lesson plan on probability
Lesson plan for teaching addition
Lesson plan for characteristics of living things
Weather experiments lessons
Lesson plan for KS2 creative writing
Healthy food lesson plan
English lesson plan writing in sentences
Nouns & possessive nouns test
Daily writing prompts for KS2
Halloween maths
Smiley face maths
Maths with love heart sweets
Grammar practice using a book
Pumpkin maths lesson ideas
Jelly bean maths lesson plan
Five senses poetry writing exercise
Amazing bean races lesson plan
Teach vocabulary by creating a monster
Diagramming sentences
Create a nature counting chart
Reading lesson plan for reading aloud
Lesson plan athlete's food diary French
PE lesson plan
Lesson idea exploring written text
Lesson plan inferring from information texts
Lesson plan on probability 2
Lesson plan on writing for Years 3 and 4
Lesson plan on addition for Year 6
Bones, bones and more bones lesson plan
Lesson plan for Year 4 maths polygons
Lesson plan on Roald Dahl story for Year 4
Discussion questions for art
Lesson plan on mistakes
Lesson plan addition and subtraction 2
Lesson plan on adjectives
Spelling words for Years 5 and 6
Spelling words for Years 3 and 4
Lesson plan on reading
2D lesson plan
Lesson plan on Handa's Surprise
VCOP ideas for teachers
Lesson plan on traditional tales
Lesson plan on thunderstorms KS2
Lesson plan adjectives KS2
Lesson plan on the Gingerbread Man
Flags of the world for teachers
The motor car ideas for teachers



A project about pyramids for year 7
Lesson plan inferring from information texts
Lesson idea bunsen burner investigation
Lesson thoughts on Walter De La Mare
Lesson plan for writing for Year 7
Lesson plan on reading for Year 7
Lesson plan for potential energy
English lesson plan for Year 7


What's your name? (EAL/ESL)
Introducing colours to EAL
Revising and using word games for ESL
English ideas for ESL pupils
Teaching vocabulary body parts EAL/ESL
Alphabet battle for EAL and ESL pupils
ESL/EAL lesson plan template

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RHCBA 2014 teacher resources FS/KS1
RHCBA 2014 teacher resources KS2
RHCBA 2014 teacher resources KS3/4



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