Maths - data handling

Data handling is a visual way of displaying mathematical results so that they can be analysed and discussed. This can take the form of graphs, Venn diagrams, Carroll diagrams and pictograms. The data can then be used in the form of statistics.

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Find the treasure
Pictogram of favourite colours
Two graphs Years 1 and 2
Fruit picking graph
Asking questions on graphing
Counting cars
Favourite colour graph
Look at these charts for KS1
How parents can help with maths
Graph work for year 1 and 2
How many cars of each colour?
Ordinal numbers and graphs
Carroll diagrams
Carroll diagrams 2
Venn diagrams 1
Venn diagrams 2
Comparison of graphs
Using data and statistics
Using Excel and creating graphs
Statistics and graphs
Write the coordinates on the grids
Introducing coordinates
Write in the correct coordinates
Plot the xy coordinates on the grid
Handling Data
Handling data KS2
Data handling KS2
Have fun with these charts KS2


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