Maths - decimals

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Decimals and Percentages

Decimals are important as we use them everyday for example when using money and when weighing and measuring. The four papers at the top show the progression of teaching.

Addition of decimals 1 KS2
Order these decimal numbers KS3
Organise these decimal numbers KS3
Work on decimals KS3
Arranging decimals
Position of decimal
Shading decimals 1
Shading decimals 2
Decimals - writing a decimal 1
Decimals - writing a decimal 2
Decimal worksheet with answers
Decimal addition worksheet with answers
Decimal fractions 2
Decimal fractions with answers
Decimal Fun
Fractions, decimals and percentages
Addition of decimals paper 1
Addition of decimals paper 2
Addition of decimals paper 3
Addition of decimals paper 4
Convert fractions to decimals
Convert decimals to percentages
Arranging decimals
Multiplication with decimals 1
Multiplication with decimals 2
How to multiply numbers with decimals


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