Maths - fractions

Fractions should be introduced to children in a visual and practical manner. Dividing a pizza into three pieces illustrates a third, children sometimes ask for half an apple or you ask your child to share the building blocks equally between five people. This is then followed up by number sheets such as those below. The top four worksheets show the progression of teaching.

For guidance on teaching methods and how maths is taught in schools, please see the menu on the right. 

A progression in teaching Fractions
Colour these fractions
Introducing fractions
How many tenths are shaded?
Shading fractions 1
Shading fractions 2

Adding and subtracting fractions can be taught by dividing a chocolate bar into the necessary number of pieces e.g. add 1/2 and 1/2 = 1.

Adding and subtracting fractions 

Subtracting fractions
Subtracting fractions - answers
Subtracting fractions 2
Subtracting fractions 2: answers
Addition and subtraction of fractions
Addition & subtraction of fractions 2
Adding fractions with a common denominator
Adding fractions with the same denominator
Simple fractions
Writing a fraction

How to teach fractions

It is important that fractions are introduced in a visual way to children. For example 'Here is a bar of chocolate with 4 squares What fraction of this bar is one square......?
Fraction problems KS2
Subtraction of fractions
Multiplication of fractions
Division of fractions
Fun with fractions and robots
Worksheet 1 -Fractions
Worksheet 2-Fractions
Worksheet 3-Fractions
Worksheet 4 - Name these fractions
Worksheet 5- name these fractions
Worksheet 6 -Fill the boxes
Worksheet 7 -colour the squares
Worksheet 8-Fill the correct fraction
Worksheet 9-put fractions in order of size
Worksheet 10- Fraction work
Fractions for KS2
Worksheets on Fractions 1-10 answers
Fraction worksheet addition 1
Fraction worksheet addition 2
Fraction worksheet addition 3
Fraction worksheet addition 4
Reduce these fractions 1
Reduce these fractions 2
Reduce these fractions 3
Reduce these fractions 4
Find the lowest common multiple 1
Find the lowest common multiple 2
Find the lowest common multiple 3
Find the lowest common multiple 4
Fractions, decimals and percentages
Change a fraction to a percentage
Percentage of amount problems
Percentage of amount 1
Reducing fractions to their lowest terms 1
Reducing fractions to their lowest terms 2
Reducing fractions to their lowest terms 3
Reducing fractions to their lowest terms 4
Fraction questions Key stage 2
Simplify fractions to the lowest terms
Converting fractions and decimals
Negative and fractional powers
Fractions and problems KS2
Thirds and fifths Year 3
Tenths for Year 3
Ordering fractions Year 3

Ratio and proportion

Ratio can be used to compare quantities; when comparing quantities the proportion of one to the other may be used.
Ratio and proportion
Jewellery in proportion

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