Maths - introducing numbers

Here we suggest some worksheets to introduce the concept of numbers and related topics to young children.  We have carefully arranged the worksheets in the order that, typically, they will be taught in school.

Introduction to number work

Work together with your child using these colourful worksheets. Additionally, use counters, beads, marbles or even apples to consolidate the concepts both visually and mentally.
Counting Frogs
Ball counting
The Very Hungry Caterpillar worksheet
Tower building
Longer or shorter
Biggest and smallest
Number topic for foundation stage
Length worksheet for FS
An example of maths ideas for FS
Practice in writing numbers
Write over numbers; colour pictures
FS maths
Foundation Stage number and shape book
FS worksheet on measuring
Maths ideas for FS
Numbers 1 to 4
How to help with Foundation stage maths
Number work 3 - 5
Foundation stage maths ideas
FS maths
Fun for foundation stage topic
Counting 1 to 10
Exploring shape and colour for FS
Foundation maths
Measuring height
Writing numbers
Beginning to count
Number sheets
Sale in the toy shop
Revision of numeracy 2
Practical ideas to make maths fun
Fun maths ideas Years 1 and 2
Write about numbers KS1
Number and basic facts revision
Maths at KS1
Number sequencing
Games with dice

Number posters

These posters are useful to display on a wall.

Poster of numbers 1-10
Learn to count 1
Learn to count 2
Learn to count 3
Learn to count 4
Learn to count 5

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