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In this April newsletter we have included some inspiring papers which will help your child enjoy learning. I love seeing the look of pleasure on a child's face when they suddenly realise that they can read, receive praise for a drawing or maybe achieve full marks in a test! This encourages them to work hard and hence achieve good results.

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Maths We have included a variety of papers here so that many aspects of maths can be revised. The maths SATS paper has been written especially for us - there are more on the site. Try working together and challenge your child to finish with correct answers before you.
English Pupils need to be able to write a stimulating and colourful essay. Increasing their vocabulary by reading stories, making sure they enjoy different kinds of fiction, and understanding the use of tenses will help every child's work to improve.
Foundation Stage Children love reading books with adults and they can improve their understanding of number through number games. Jigsaws and games can help with maths and shape work.
Spelling and  Phonics Good spelling is essential so use the spelling ideas to help your children. Animal sounds are fun so are a great way to help teach phonics.
Science It is essential that we care for the environment and help preserve all our rare animals. It is important that children learn about preservation of the living world around us.
 lesson plan
Teachers' pages The lesson plan on The Gingerbread Man is fun especially if you provide some gingerbread men to eat! Children love writing about themselves ... and it is a good idea to ask them to include photographs.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Our bumper prize is a superb selection of gaming equipment from Speedlink - this is not to be missed! We have Record Breaking Animals and Gods, Heroes and Monsters for those who enjoy non-fiction and two great stories in The Secret Island and The Dog with No Name.

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

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Sing-along Handwriting First Phonics 3-5 10 Minutes a Day Spelling Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar KS3

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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