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Dear [NAME]
Christmas is a magical time for children and I am sure that by this time all the children will be starting to get excited about the festivities and the holidays. At school, playgroup and nursery, they will be rehearsing and performing  carols and plays for parents, grandparents and family to enjoy.

We have included in this December newsletter some ideas related to this festival as well as other papers which will enhance learning and reinforce work which has been covered during the term. This holiday may be an opportunity for grandparents, friends and you to revise and enjoy learning together and help children with concentration and imagination.

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and every success for the New Year.

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KS1 English Many children need help with comprehension so these topical papers should be both stimulating and appropriate. Reading and spelling are essential skills for children at this stage so encourage your child by reading together and discussing the questions and answers.
KS2 English  Most children love quizzes and they do learn minute detail from the answers. I hope you enjoy the comprehension and the stories as they portray the magic of Christmas and the season surrounding it!


KS3 English Christmas is celebrated across the globe. It is interesting to be aware of the different traditions and customs in other countries.
Christmas around the world The climate across the world during the Christmas season is very different. Some of the variations in customs are due to climate differences and others are a reflection of the culture and ethos of the country.
KS1 maths It is fun to do maths around the various shapes such as stars, Christmas tree shapes, snowflakes and baubles. The papers here are fun and intriguing - try them and see!
mental maths
KS2 maths Mental maths is essential at this stage of learning. All the papers here are based on Christmas activities such as fairs, presents and puzzles. 
KS3 maths There are a variety of different aspects of maths covered by the papers here. These will help to reinforce learning and reassure students at this level that they are sure of these topics.
Foundation Stage  This is the real magical age for Christmas when children still believe in and love Santa. Enjoy the rhymes and make your own Christmas lists. Try the Christmas worksheets together to remind children of work done during the past term.
Puzzles Christmas is a time when families get together so we have included pages of puzzles and word searches to be enjoyed as a family. I hope that everyone has a great time together.
lesson plan
Lesson Plans Here are some lesson plans which will be useful to you by making life a little easier at this busy time of the year. 
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. You can win all 10 shortlisted Red House Award books for your child or school.There are two Christmas stories The Snowman and the Snowdog and Snow Bear. For young readers, we have a set of Alain Gree books and Sing Along Songs. Explore the world around us with Wild Town. Claude in the Country and The Blood Flowed Green are both good reads. Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales is a perfect gift book.
Red House
 Red House
Red House   

Books  This month, we have a selection of new books about Christmas. For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. 

The 12 Days of Christmas  When I Dream of Christmas Christmas Activity Book  The Truth About Christmas 

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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