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We know at this time of the year that everyone is very busy and children are getting excited with the coming holidays and celebrations. It will be busy in schools too as preparations are in hand to celebrate with plays, nativities, carol concerts and entertainments for parents and friends. 

As well as some relevant worksheets there are recipes in this newsletter which you and your child can prepare together as a special surprise for visitors. I'm sure you will find some of the papers in this newsletter useful at this special time of the year.

Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month - there are some perfect gift ideas here so get your entries in. Family games to enjoy -  Articulate! for Kids and Pig Out; Sticker by Numbers and Science for You insect kit to keep children entertained. There is a House of Robots book and plush Peter Rabbit toy. For younger ones, we have a personalised book The Wonderous World of ..., the Owl and the Pussycat books, Fairytale Hairdresser Playbox, Nursery rhymes book and even the intriguing - The Book With No Pictures!  Finally, a Yumbox for next term's lunches.
Find out more and how to enter the Giveaways draw Giveaway-Information-and-Rules-December-2014
    Peter Rabbit    
KS1 English These papers will help celebrate this happy season. Try as a family the quiz on Christmas Thoughts, read 'The little fir tree' passage together and then 'Come to the party'.
KS2 English The papers in this section will increase vocabulary and extend comprehension. As a family enjoy Christmas music and games. It is great to have time together and to enjoy family time.


KS3 English The Five w's is a useful paper and will extend vocabulary. Perhaps having read the biography paper you might like to write your own one.
KS1 maths Presents cost money so look at the 'Work out the cost paper' before you start buying your presents. The maths games will be fun to try with Granny and Grandad - make sure you know the answers!
KS2 maths  The Fun Maths Quiz will be great to enjoy as a family during the holidays. Try the Santa's maths paper before you buy your presents. Have fun and enjoy maths.
KS3 maths Look at the Christmas maths quiz and see how many you as a family can do correctly! The papers below will help students with revision and prepare them for shopping.
Foundation Stage  Perhaps we will have some snow for Christmas as that would be fun! There will be a party so look at the activities and see if you can enjoy them as a family.
Spelling There are some special Christmas words so learning to spell these is useful. Word prefixes are essential to know how to spell correctly. Look at the spelling lists and check you understand the meaning of all the words.
Phonics Phonics and sounds are essential for all types of writing. Look at the Christmas words before you write your thank you cards!
Science Science is fun so with an adult experiment with light. The fun science ideas are good to try as a family during a wet day - have success together!
Topics Christmas is a time for cooking so use some of the recipes here. Remember it is not always a White Christmas especially in Australia - they will be enjoying a barbecue on the beach!

Games Christmas is a great time for families to get together and enjoy playing games - here are a few suggestions for you all to enjoy.

Robot Turtle
Hotel Tycoon (Rainbow
Top Toy Award winner)
Shout! Cake Monster Robot Turtles

Toys For this month, we thought we would feature some recommended toys which will enable children to have fun as well as encourage key learning skills. Take a look at our range of Christmas books too.

Sparkup Magical Book Reader Great Gizmos Fraction Fun Tidlo Cutting Fruits Set Casdon WoodPlay Castle

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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