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Dear [NAME]
We hope that you find the papers in this newsletter useful in supporting your children at home. It is very rewarding to spend some time working with your children and giving them the confidence to enjoy learning. Together you can make a difference in their ability to concentrate, increase their vocabulary and to enjoy exploring new subjects and topics. Look at the spellings and enjoy the science papers.

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KS1 English Words are essential in helping children write an interesting, colourful story. If they enjoy reading they will have a full and stimulating vocabulary.
KS2 English  Comprehension papers are fun if children read the passage and the answers carefully before they start writing any answers. The 'Construction of words' worksheet will help pupils use words colourfully and liven up all their writing.


KS3 English It is essential that pupils know the correct use of grammar as they will receive extra marks for using it in the appropriate manner. There are many different forms of writing which pupils will need to use at this Key stage.
KS1 maths Fractions are used daily in our lives such as when sharing a pizza, dividing up a bar of chocolate or even using your time to enjoy working and playing!
KS2 maths  Make sure that your children understand all the questions in the Maths test. Try revising any question which may puzzle them. Venn diagrams are fun so practice this paper and the others too..
KS3 maths  It is always good for pupils to test themselves and find any areas of maths that may need revising. If they do this consistently they will find yourself ready for any test or exam.
Foundation Stage Have fun together on the Teatime paper. Nursery Rhymes are fun and will help children learn phonic sounds more easily. Everyone loves colouring so let children try these and improve their concentration.
Spelling  It is essential to conquer the spelling rules as in every test or examination good spelling always counts. Encourage children to listen to the sounds of each word and use a dictionary when they are unsure
Phonics Phonics are introduced right from the time children start to learn to read. The Phonic flashcards will help consolidate the sounds and words. Have fun and enjoy reading!
Science Science is fun from learning about smells to growing plants and electricity. The world is a wonderful place so encourage pupils to learn about soil, the sky and the sea.
Topics It is always fun to discover new facts so everyone will enjoy this topic. Sport is essential for all of us and it not only keeps us fit but ensures that we are healthy. Dragons are intriguing ..enjoy this topic.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. We have a superb set of 5 DK Eyewitness books. Young ones will enjoy Scaredy Bear and for creative ones we have The Baby Animals Colouring Book. Science fun is on offer with Slime Time.
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Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

Descriptosaurus: Creative Writing for Ages 8-14 11+ Times Tables Workbook Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Made Easy Farmyard Tales ABC Sticker Book

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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