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Dear [NAME]

We would like to wish you all a very happy summer holiday. We have included papers about books, poetry, sum puzzles and other fun papers to enjoy. It is useful to have some books to read over the summer so have a look at the Giveaways at the end of the newsletter.

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KS1 English  Katie Morag's books are loved by all children so try reading them together. Children love Rhyme so try the Rhyme ideas papers below.
KS2 English  Haiku are great fun so try writing your own. It is useful to encourage your children to do some reading and writing over the holidays.


KS3 English Look at the Poetry on trees and then invite your children to try writing their own. Discuss with your children about their opinion on the debate  'Too much television'.
KS1 maths Sum puzzles are fun so encourage your child to try them and see how they and you do! Work together on the other papers to encourage learning and have fun together.
KS2 mathsI hope that your child will enjoy Football maths and perhaps you can do the Shopping in the sale together with real money! Ask your child to test you on the Mental Maths paper.
KS3 maths It is a good idea to encourage KS3 pupils to revise maths papers over the holidays. Look and discuss together the Area teaching ideas and the Negative and fractional powers.
Foundation Stage Enjoy 'Penguin pals' and discuss the answers. Work together on the Maths ideas for FS. The Odd one out is fun so encourage your child to enjoy it with you.
Spelling Everyone loves a Word search so enjoy this one together. Encourage your child to spell correctly 'Everyday spelling words'. A dictionary is essential so use this together to ensure correct spelling.
Phonics The use of Phonics is essential for good spelling. Try the Same sounds paper to reinforce correct spelling. Enjoy watching the video.
Science Rediscover the Solar eclipse from March this year. Enjoy the flowers around us and see how many you can name correctly. Learn about the circulatory system in your body.
Topics  Canterbury is an historic and interesting city...enjoy the topic . Do you know how people lived years the topic and learn.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Family fun with Rapidough from Drumond Park and activities with London Activity Book and My Book of Bike Activities. For young ones, we have a selection of Little Tiger picture books; older readers will enjoy Jonny Jakes. Oaka Topic Packs are excellent for curriculum support. Enjoy a Horrid Henry DVd and have fun on the beach with Quut toys.
    Little Tiger    

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

First Writing 10 Minutes a Day Maths Tutormaster Helps You Write Stories Let's Do Mental Maths

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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