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We would all like to enjoy some sunshine over the summer! Whatever the weather you will find some great worksheet suggestions here which you are sure to enjoy with your children on days when you are indoors. Have a look at 'Froggy and fishy sums' for younger children and 'Help with organisational skills' which are essential for older children. It is always a good idea to reinforce the work done during the school year.

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When you are going on a car journey it is fun to do simple counting and other mental maths games with your children ... but make sure the children win!
Many children are fascinated by pirates so 'Comprehension on piracy' is good for comprehension and interesting factually. Remember, writing postcards and 'thank you' letters will help your child reinforce the work done in school.
Children love animals so visiting a local farm is a superb outing during the summer months. On wet days enjoy challenging your child with these other worksheets.
If children are encouraged to use phonics at an early age they will find spelling and writing stories enjoyable and fun. Look at the 'Wet world spelling KS2' worksheet together and see which words need reinforcing
On a starry summer night children love looking at the stars and planets. The 'Action and reaction' worksheet should be done together to discuss the results and then perhaps tabulate them.
It is important that children learn to use their imagination and increase their vocabulary and use of words. 'Going on a bear hunt lesson plan' has been a classroom favourite for many years.
Starting a new school year 
Many children are hesitant when starting a new year group. Here are some ideas which will enhance their confidence and help them to settle in more easily. It is good to begin to prepare your child a few weeks before the beginning of the new school year.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. We have a LOGO game, perfect for holidays. There are two super Colorscape colouring books and two Train Your Brain books to keep children occupied. Plenty of stories too - Lulu Loves Flowers and a set of 4 Little Tiger picture books (and a bag) for younger ones, plus Trebizon and The It Girl Team Awkward for older readers. I am Not a Dinosaur is a fascinating read.

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Handwriting Made Easy Letterland Phonics Flashcards Mental Maths Every Day Comprehension Ages 5 - 7

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Jackie Bacon

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