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Dear [NAME]
June is here and as I write this it is bright, sunny and warm outside so let us hope that this weather continues for all of us. Sports Days, End of term plays and other events will be happening soon.

New pupils starting in September will be visiting schools now and we wish all these pupils every happiness and are sure they will enjoy their new school. We have included some revision work and some fun work for each age group in this newsletter and remember there are plenty more ideas and papers on the site. Have a look and discover new papers and you also have a chance to discover new books or enter our competitions.

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KS1 English  All these papers will reinforce learning and ensure that your children are more confident. It always helpful to consolidate the work covered in school at home and hence ensure that your child has the understanding to continue making progress. 
KS2 English  As children progress through school they do need to understand grammar and how to use it. It is essential that all pupils can compose and write an imaginative and interesting story. Reading a wide range of books helps ensure that pupils have a good vocabulary and a vivid imagination.


KS3 English At this level of schooling pupils use writing in every subject and need to read and understand the subject matter of a passage or book quickly and accurately. They should make their writing colourful and appealing.
KS1 maths Pupils need to be able to use a number line and understand place value in most aspects of maths. It is fun weighing and even better if you are baking a cake! Try this and see.
KS2 maths  We have included the paper in problem solving to help with revision and to consolidate the work covered in this age group. Many pupils love a competition so try the maths challenge at home and see who wins!
KS3 maths Good luck to everyone in KS3 taking examinations. Here are some last minute revision ideas and some statistics and graph work which will help.
Foundation Stage Many pupils will be looking forward to a visit to their new primary schools.....have a great day. My children loved doing a Topic about me so try this and have fun. How about a Topic about People who help us.......there are so many people to choose from.....who would you choose?
Spelling Some people are natural spellers  but others have to learn the spelling rules. Silent letters need to be learnt and it is always useful to be able to spell numbers. Always reread your work and try and spot the mistakes!
Phonics The use of phonics makes spelling easier and can encourage students at all stages of learning to attempt more advanced vocabulary. It is worth learning the phonic sounds and having the confidence to tackle new words.
Topics There are four very different topics here so think about them and choose the one which appeals to your interests and activities. Remember photographs, diagrams and photographs bring a topic to life! Have fun!
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Stock up for summer holiday fun with Science kits and the Magic Tooth Fairy game. Super Dinky Doodles are great for on-the-move fun. For young readers, we Have Triangle Ted, The Queen's Hat and Ant and Bee. Keep children thinking with Brain Games for Clever Kids. Giveaways close 15 June 2014.

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

What Goes on in My Head? Lift the Flap Times Tables Puzzle Heroes Ancient Egypt Tales from Grimm

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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