Newsletter June 2017

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This is a busy and exciting part of the school year, with lots going on at school and outside school. We have brought together a collection of worksheets that reflect the work done over the past year, and these will be useful to review work done, and to start preparing for next year.


Foundation Stage It probably seems that your child's first year at school has gone really quickly. They will have learnt a great deal and matured, so make the most of the opportunity to continue learning with the worksheet on Seasons.

Composed Upon Westminster Bridge 

English Wordsworth's famous poem is a popular one for KS3 pupils to enjoy.


Phonics and Spelling The more practice children have in both spelling and phonics will build their confidence and their writing fluency.


Maths We have been focusing on adding worksheets for specific year groups, so do check these out to see what your child will be learning each year.


Teachers The reading suggestions will be helpful for parents - and do look at our Book Review section.


Science Photosynthesis is an essential part of plant growth - learn how it works.

Mindful Chef recipe boxes

We have a very special offer for you this month. Mindful Chef is a health-focused food box company set up  in 2015, and since then, they have shipped over 500,000 healthy recipes from small farms in Devon Their approach is very simple, yet incredibly effective in helping people lead a healthier life. They believe in reducing our intake of sugar and refined carbs and so they never deliver pasta, bread or white rice - instead all their recipes are based on innovative uses of fresh vegetables. Each week there are 8 different meals to choose from (for 1, 2 or 4 people) and we have a very special offer for you.  Using the discount code PARENT25 new users will get 25% off their first box. Just use this link . Find out more about Mindful Chef here, and read my reviews.


Giveaways - see our Giveaways page for full details and reviews. This month we have some fantastic giveaways including the fun-filled Kiddicone and the gorgeous matching bracelet sets from Kaya Jewellery.

  • Kiddicone

        Kiddicone Princess Kiddicone Pirate Kiddicone Dinosaur

  • Kaya Jewellery

        Kaya 6 Kaya 5

  • My Trains Activity & Sticker Book
  • The Birthday Invitation
  • The Crystal Run: Book 1
  • The Misadventures of Max Crumbly: Middle School Mayhem
  • The Bubble Boy






New Books These are just a few of the new books recently reviewed  - take a look at our Best new books pages. 

Botanicum Activity Book Letterland Grammar Life on Earth: Human Body Old Masters Rock

Best wishes


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