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It is the third month of 2013 already and at the end of March is Easter! Hopefully, soon we will be able to get outside again and enjoy some warmer weather and perhaps a little sunshine. We have included a Bug Hunt which is fun for all children and a good opportunity to enjoy being out and about.

All the worksheets featured here are brand new - created in response to topics requested by you, our users. There are some very colourful books in our 'Giveaways' this month so remember to enter now so that your children can enjoy these special books.

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KS1 English When writing a story it is useful to ensure that your child has a plan of the development of this so that they have a intriguing or imaginative ending.
KS2 English  Punctuation is often misused when writing essays or answering comprehension questions...make sure your children understand exactly how and when to use the correct commas, full stops and especially apostrophes!


KS3 English All students in Key stage 3 will be asked to write a book review so use this paper to ensure that they get full marks. Make sure they understand the ideas in the 'Story and discussion paper'. These will certainly help them improve their scores. We have also given the opportunity to think about the parking at your school and devise ways that this could take place with more safety and with less chaos...we hope that you and they can provide a solution for this ubiquitous concern.
KS1 maths Starting with the picture maths and then the subtraction paper revise all the work that your child may have covered in class. We all have to shop so try the shopping paper with your children to help them become familar with costs and ensuring they get the correct change!
KS2 maths The maths thinking paper will help you stretch your children's 'thinking' and help them with everyday problems which need mathematical procedures to obtain the answers.
KS3 maths Mental maths at Key stage 3 is more advanced and complex than earlier. When tackling 'word' problems it always helps to ensure that the pupil reads through the question twice to ensure that they have understand the principle that is needed to arrive at the result.
Foundation Stage Stories concerning animals are often used to help children associate the mothers with their babies. Enjoy the stories and rhymes with your children.
Spelling If pupils have a good foundation of the rules of spellings such as 'y and i' endings this helps with better results in their story writing. Look at the spellings for KS2 and ensure they are competent at spelling each word quickly and correctly.
Phonics Phonics help your child spell and read words which are new to them so ensure that you read and spell the words out loud to them and enjoy the phonics papers together.
Science   It is great fun to experiment with floating and sinking...try the paper and see. As a family you all may be able to go on a 'Bug hunt' if it is warmer outside. It is fun to try the plant quiz with all the family and especially for the children to see how many Mum and Dad do too!
lesson plan
Lesson Plans A new lesson plan on phonics is always welcome as this is an essential Infant subject! Children are usually fond of animals so as Spring is approaching try the animal plan with your class.
Topics Learn about our oceans and seas as they are amazing. Discuss with your children what food  you eat and what they know about it. Talk with your chidren about where animals and creatures live and how they survive.
Take a look at our excellent Giveaways for this month. We have 15 copies of Alphablocks - a super way to learn to read; and Magnetic First Words is also great for early reading. Encourage learning another language (and enter a competition) with b small and French/Spanish Words. We have two exciting story books - Oliver Fibbs and Sam Silver. With the Easter holidays ahead, our London Activity and Icky Sticky Science books will be very welcome! Introduce your baby to books with Hello Baby Mirror Book.

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. It's World Book Day this month, so make sure your child gets their free book!

Esme's Egg  Words Get Knotted   Learning Without School Easter Colouring

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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