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Dear [NAME]
How can you have fun with your child and help reinforce learning at the same time?

Here's how! Look at the many interesting ideas included here for all age ranges. For example:
FS - Look at these pictures
KS1 - How to stimulate your child to write stories OR Making groups in maths
KS2 - Diminutives for year 4 OR Maths fun
KS3 - Plan a structured argument OR KS3 Algebra worksheet
...also enjoy the papers on spelling, science and topics - which help improve imagination.

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KS1 English Many children find it difficult to find ideas for stories so here are some which will stimulate their imaginations. All pupils need to be careful with punctuation so use this paper to ensure that they punctuate correctly. 
KS2 English  As pupils get older they do need to continue to be careful with punctuation. They will be also be expected to write good imaginative creative stories. Reading stories together can still help this.


KS3 English  KS3 pupils will use many varieties of writing including structuring an argument, debating and reaching viable conclusions. Reading poetry can stimulate the imagination as well as improve vocabulary
KS1 maths As the academic year progresses it is important that pupils at this stage have a good foundation of the four rules of number. It is helpful to know some times tables before KS2 so start now.
KS2 maths Believe it or not maths is fun so look at the fun paper below. Number patterns, Decimals and Integers all help pupils to improve their test results. Helping your child at home with these helps with confidence and gives successful outcomes.
KS3 maths Algebra will often appear in test papers and so ensuring that your son or daughter understands the symbols and formulae will stand them in good stead for the future.
Foundation Stage Most children at this stage love to colour and make patterns. Every child needs stories as these will help increase their imaginations as well as vocabulary. It also is a fun time together!
Spelling Good spelling is essential and being able to write correctly will always stand every child in good stead. Some children find this easy but others need some tips and help.
Science Science is exciting and all children love to experiment. Children do need to know what they are eating and what makes them grow. Making music and sounds together is fun and a good learning curve.
Topics Every child has been read a fairy story and even older pupils still seek out fantasy stories. It is lovely way to escape and stimulate the imagination as well as to increase vocabulary.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. We have a super opportunity for the whole family to visit the UK Games Expo. Mob Rule should be read by every mother of boys! Encourage creativity with these two super books - My Perfecty Pretty Book and My Beautiful Fashion Book. Meet the Little Somethings in Something Different. We have super sets of 6 Little Friends books too plus Oi Frog which is a fun story for little ones.
Games Expo   

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. Enjoy the World Book Day celebrations this month and use the opportunity to encourage your child's love of books.

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Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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