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Dear [NAME]

Now is the time to assist your children consolidate the work done during the year and to ensure that they have carried out revision for any coming tests which they might have at this time of the year. Included in the suggestions below are some interesting topics which will help your children develop research skills. If the topic stimulates particular interest encourage them to do additional research. This will help to consolidate facts and information further.

Foundation Stage You likely feel that the time your child is spending in Foundation Stage is disappearing very quickly. I hope that your children are enjoying it and are establishing good learning skills. Here are some worksheets for them to use these skills and to consolidate their learning.

KS1 maths Children often need reassurance on word problems and to have experience of test papers. So these ideas will help ensure that your child's mathematical skills are well established,


 KS1 English Comprehension is a very popular topic and practice certainly establishes many English principles such as spelling, grammar and use of capital letters. Some children find it easy to write in complete sentences but others find this concept more difficult. These worksheets will help all these aspects of English.


Spelling English spelling is very diverse and can be complicated. Some children are natural spellers but others need help with hints and codes to help remember the secrets to spelling correctly.


KS2 maths If children have a solid understanding of the four rules of number, tackling a maths paper will be a great deal easier. All children need to know their times tables to ensure speed and accuracy with multiplication, division, percentages and fractions! Well worth learning these 'off by heart'!


KS2 English Children should be able to read and assimilate facts and details from a passage quickly and accurately. This helps them to answer questions fully, comprehensively and correctly. In many papers, marks are given for correct spelling and grammar.


KS3 maths At this time of the year, if a pupil works through a revision paper and discovers the concepts that they have either forgotten or find difficult it gives them time to revise these aspects of the syllabus. This will give them more confidence in their own abilities to do well.


KS3 English In many comprehension papers students will be asked for their own opinions and will need to be able to substantiate their thoughts. They do need practice to consolidate their ideas and express these correctly on paper. These suggestions will help. There are many different aspects to poetry so we have included papers on this as well.


Teachers As it is approaching the end of term we thought that it would be useful to teachers and parents to have some reading suggestions. (Extra lesson plans are useful at this time of the year if, as a teacher, you have to 'cover' for a colleague.)


Topics Children often positively respond to topics on celebrations. Later in this term when holidays are approaching information about other countries is topical and useful. I cannot count the number of times I have heard a child say 'Why does ... happen?'

Giveaways Win some topical books with our London Sticker Book, The Queen and Olympics giveaways. Get ready for summer holidays with My First 100 French Words. If your child is a Horrid Henry fan you can win a Joke Book or a DVD. Celebrate Father's Day with your very own My Dad Photobook. Introduce your children to Shakespeare with Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare. Reach for the Stars & You Are What You Eat - two unusual picture books to win.

My Dad photobook  

New Books These are just a few of the new books recently reviewed. For lots more ideas, take a look at our Best new books pages. 

From Zero to Infinity  Spelling for School  Non VR Workbook  Junior English 

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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