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Dear [NAME]
May is an important time of the year in schools - for many pupils it is examination time and we wish all these students every success. As the weather is milder it's a great time to balance work with outdoor activities and sports. 

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KS1 English  It would be fun for your child to imagine being able to disappear into space, so find out what happens to Tommy and Timmy in Adventure in space. Ask them to write a story about an adventure they have had.
KS2 English Here are some ideas which will help your child write stimulating stories. Have they tried to illustrate their writing with photographs and pictures? Suggest they keep a diary with pictures.  


KS3 English  Some poems on the First World War conjure very graphic and dramatic pictures. The story of the Titanic is also a very moving and dramatic story. These papers are a great way to improve English skills and learn about these events at the same time.
KS1 maths Ask your child to try our mental maths paper and test themselves against you or another adult. The result may surprise you! Can your child measure accurately - see if they can measure how tall they are.
KS2 maths Does your child get pocket money? It is a very useful way to teach children how to recognise coins and to learn how much things cost. This is a good time of the year to revise with your children so that they do well in any school tests.
KS3 maths Many of the pupils in this age group will be taking school exams. Help them with their revision by using some of the papers on this newsletter or on the site. 
Foundation Stage Pupils in this age group will be ending their early years at school. They do need to understand one to one correspondence as well as enjoying rhymes and music which can help with phonic learning.
Spelling Everyone needs to spell accurately and understand the spelling rules. As pupils get older they will need to write more quickly and to use more elaborate vocabulary. So be sure to check the spelling in all their work.
Phonics Phonics help pupils learn all the spelling rules and can give children confidence in increasing the vocabulary that they use in writing. Encourage your child to try these papers and ensure that you are preparing him/her for the future.
Science Science is exciting - using mirrors for reflection can create spectacular images. Help them learn about the nervous system and how the body works.
 topic on flowers
Topics Do they know all the facts in the interesting facts paper? Enjoy the topics on South America and shape and colour. This all adds to their general knowledge.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Nick and Tesla are fun science stories and the Good Question books answer all sorts of questions. Drumond Park have a super prize pair of Logo games plus Catch Phrase. Enjoy sticking and doodling with the Girl's World of Stickers and encourage an interest in art with the Famous Artists Sticker Book. Young readers will enjoy a new Famous Five adventure. For the youngest, there is Farm.

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

Britannia: Great Stories from British History 365 Outdoor Activities You Have to Try  KS3 Spelling, punctuation and Grammar Handwriting Age 5 to 6 

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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