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In this newsletter for May you will find a sample of worksheets aimed at all ages on a variety of interesting topics. For example, for FS children there is 'Mummies and their babies', for KS2 learn about fractions and percentages with 'Magic squares', and for KS3 introduce them to 'Different kinds of poetry'. Encourage your child outside with the 'Topic on ladybirds'.

It is fun to do the 'Have fun with these charts KS2' worksheet together - and perhaps compile their own chart ideas! It is a good idea to reinforce addition and subtraction using counters or grapes! Challenge each other to finish the magic squares paper first.
Storyboards help children to collect their ideas in a logical manner so work together with your child to compile a storyboard. Perhaps you could compile your own calendar together.
It is fun at this age to work together to match a lamb to a sheep etc with the 'Mummies and their babies' worksheet. The 'Have fun FS' worksheet will reinforce reading and understanding. Try 'Hot and cold FS' and add your own ideas to help improve vocabulary.
It is important that you encourage your child to listen to the sounds in a word. Encouraging the use of phonics will help your child spell more accurately.
Children all love seeing ladybirds so keep an eye out for them together when you are in the park. Explain to children that camouflage helps the insect or animal blend into the background and keep safer.
 lesson plan
Children are fascinated by aliens so this is always a popular topic. Kings of England are fascinating and part of our heritage. Enjoy and learn from these papers.  
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Win books, games and jigsaws - there's a set of 6 Oaka revision guides for CE and KS3. For toddlers, we have 2 Alain Gree board books, and sets of Twirlywoos and Bing books. There's also a bundle of games from Jumbo Games. Build up your child's library with The Story of a Seagull,  Jacky Ha-Ha, UEFA Euro 2016 books and Shakespeare Sticker Book.
Jumbo Games

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

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School Stars Times Tables My Book of Stories: Write Your Own Adventures RSL 8+ Comprehension KS2 Science Revision Guide

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