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This newsletter contains a variety of worksheets on all subjects for each age group. You are sure to find these useful. Of course, they provide just a taste of the many more worksheets on the website.

Remember to have a look at our fabulous giveaways (see below) - as these books will certainly help to increase reading vocabulary and stimulate the imagination!

KS1 English  Most children in this age group need to increase their vocabulary when writing a story. The WOW and VCOP paper will help with this. All their stories will be more colourful and enthralling if they use adjectives.
KS2 English Sir Walter Raleigh and Big Ben are both famous so look at these papers and make sure your child can answer the questions. It is essential that children use their commas correctly as well as all other punctuation.


KS3 English Correct punctuation is very necessary so check this paper on Commas, semi-colons and  colons to ensure that they are used appropriately. A quatrain is a type of stanza or poem....have fun trying to write one yourself.
KS1 maths This maths challenge will be entertaining for all the family. Mental maths is fun so enjoy these together. Use a segmented bar of chocolate when tackling fractions...and then you can all eat it!
KS2 maths  It is always a good idea to revise with your children maths work which they have done earlier in the year. All pupils do need to know their decimals so encourage them to try the papers below.
KS3 maths Revision of maths done earlier in the year helps to refresh learning. It can be competitive to challenge others to mental maths .....try this and see who wins!
Foundation Stage Encourage children to look at the pictures and match the words as this will certainly help with reading.  Marbles, chestnuts, pebbles or even apples  can be used to help with counting. Enjoy a family counting game such as snakes and ladders.
Spelling It is important that everyone spells correctly so  the 'CK' worksheet can be used to reinforce learning. The word lists will ensure that all   pupils concentrate on these important words.
Phonics It would be a good idea to do the phonic challenge with your children. Phonics do help children vary their vocabulary and research words for themselves.
Science Try the Ourselves activities and have fun. Learn about energy for KS3. It can be stimulating to investigate topics together such as looking at different material and their properties.
Topics We all need the Emergency Services so read this topic carefully to appreciate their value in society. Look at the My Family topic and try your own topic about your own family.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Shout! is a great family game from Drumond Park. A Year of Stories is a super collection from much-loved author Shirley Hughes. Get ready for Christmas with our book bundles from Parragon Books. Save Rafe is a great read! The Boy Who Lost his Bumble is a charming picture book.

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

11+ Creative Writing Let's Do Handwriting Stone Age to Celts Collins New Primary Maths

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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