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Dear [NAME]

Pupils will now be enjoying their new year group and younger ones should have made friends and established themselves in their class environment.

In this newsletter I have included papers for each Key Stage which will enable you to support the work done in the new year group, thereby increasing your child's confidence and helping the settling-in process. It is important that you reinforce at home the work which is being covered in school. Full understanding and practice will ensure that your child will progress in class and enjoy it too.

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KS1 English We want our children to enjoy reading and to have full comprehension of the words used in the passage. These papers help to assure that a child knows and uses words, language and parts of speech correctly, thus enhancing understanding.
KS2 English  It is necessary that children use adverbs, adjectives and pronouns to liven up their writing. The paper on Helping comprehension is a guide to parents in how to help your children.


KS3 English As pupils mature they may need supervision in encouraging that homework is managed and handed in on time. The writing mats help guide pupils, give inspiration and ensure lively and colourful writing.
KS1 maths Comparing Numbers helps pupils establish an understanding of using numbers and how they relate to each other. Telling the time is easy for some children but others do need help.
KS2 maths  The topic of equations often frightens children but it is useful to start with 2+ 2 = 4 as an example and build on that to give confidence. Decimals are used in our currency so understanding them is essential.
KS3 maths Data handling is the process of collating and understanding bar graphs, tally charts and other forms of information used to produce graphs. These papers cover several essential topics for KS3.
Foundation Stage Children in Foundation stage should now be settled into school and enjoying new friendships. Handa's Hen and other stories like this reinforce number learning as well as being fun.
Spelling  All pupils need to know how to spell and be able to distinguish between similar words. At KS3 students need to ensure that they are extending their use of words and using a varied vocabulary.
Science Have fun making bread....and enjoy eating it. We all enjoy growing and eating plants. Learn about your body and how to look after it.
Phonics A good knowledge of phonics helps to ensure a good understanding of words. Good spelling using phonics does make life easier.
Topics Topics are fun to compose and illustrate. Here are a variety of different topics to enjoy and which will increase children's knowledge.
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Letterland Complete Handwriting Practice 11+ Year 3/4 Testbook Understanding Grammar KS2 Record Breaking Comprehension Year 5

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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