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Your children have been working hard at school  and by now they should be well settled into their new classes. New friendships will have been formed and the routine of the working day established. We have included in this newsletter some suggested worksheets to reinforce the teaching they will cover in school and to ensure they have complete understanding.

KS1 English The correct use of words and a varied vocabulary are essential to enable your child to write interesting stories. All children love a story so try reading aloud to them and increase their spoken vocabulary. 
KS2 English There are many forms of writing from creating imaginative stories, writing instructions and letter writing. Make sure your children have a wide vocabulary on which to build so that they can compose interesting stories.


KS3 English At this age group it is important that writing skills are developed and that children can use compound sentences correctly. A varied use of words helps to make all writing more interesting and stimulating to read.
KS1 maths The Mouse Maths paper is fun and helps children understand counting and numbers. 'Racing cars times' is always a favourite especially with boys. Have fun with these papers together.
KS2 maths  A quick maths revision session is always more beneficial than longer sessions. Use the revision paper to find where your child needs help and revision. Decimals can be confusing so make sure that your child understands these.
KS3 maths I would start these papers with the maths test. This will highlight where help is needed.  The practice paper will be useful to reinforce any gaps in learning.
Foundation Stage Pictures are always a useful introduction to learning to read new words. Pictures will also help the children associate the names with the  objects. Have fun together with all these papers.
Spelling Good spelling is very beneficial and there are papers here which will help your children to improve their spelling. Spelling rules such as 'er' and 'est' words are very useful to learn.
Phonics For children who are starting to learn to read phonics are essential. Look at the Starting phonics paper and the pictures sound words to help your child reinforce knowledge.
Science The 'Did you know ' paper is fun so look at this paper to find out what you know. Water creatures are intriguing and pond dipping with an adult is fun. Try it and see!
Topics All of us may need a lifeboat and it is very reassuring that they are on our coasts to be ready to help sailors or swimmers. Make sure you know what the 'greenhouse' effect' is on the paper below.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. There are super activity books - Alain Gree, sticker books from Buster Books, and the Toilet Roll Activity Book. Young readers will enjoy Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella, Fairytale Frankie and Monster Max; Catsup High is good for older ones. For those who love finding out, there's The Adventures of Water - with a water bottle too.
Activity Book   

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

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First Phonics Let's Do Handwriting Challenging Maths Age 10-11 Chemistry; Heating and Cooling

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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