Number work 5-7 years

This is the best place for maths worksheets at Key Stage 1.

The worksheets featured on this page are specifically designed to help your child with number work during Key Stage 1 (5-7 years). Children at this stage of learning may need visual aids to give them confidence in working with numbers and to reinforce the concept for using numbers. Gradually they become adept at adding 3 + 3 = 6 but do remember that each child must work at their own pace and reiteration and extra explanation may be necessary.

You can use the following key stage 1 SATS papers and revision exercises for general revision and to consolidate areas of Primary School learning. You will find many more through the Worksheet Finder and on the Maths Revision page.

 The Revision and guidance pages contain a selection of mathematical concepts. They are useful to work through together with your child so that you can discover areas where more explanation is necessary.

Revision & guidance for KS1 maths SATS 2
Revision questions for KS1 maths 2
KS1 maths level 2

Browse through these examples of the hundreds of maths worksheets and teaching explanations available. The worksheet Ideas to help with maths concepts at home, for instance, is full of ideas for helping your child to learn maths at home, with concepts such as telling the time and using money.

See the maths menu on the side of this page or search on the Worksheet Finder for more resources according to maths topic and age range. 

In the section below there are papers for you and your child to work through together. It is useful to have counters, sweets or toy fruit and vegetables to use as visual aids.

Counting fruit and vegetables
Learning numbers and quantity
Look at these sets
Numbers and quantity
Maths work in the garden
Look at these charts for KS1
Year 1 everyday maths paper
2D shapes explained
Try these questions
Think about these questions
Look at these and fill in the answers
Can you count?
Ideas to help with maths concepts at home
Ball counting
The Queen: worksheet on numbers
The Queen's sums worksheet
Fun maths for year 2
Money recognition
Ideas for number for Year 2
Introducing fractions
Maths ideas for KS1
Number ideas
Number worksheet for Year 1 counting
Maths ideas for Year 2
1, 2 & 3 Times Tables
Place value 2 no 2
Revision ideas for ks1 maths
Maths at KS1
Maths you count
Maths for Year 1 no 2
Revision of shape for KS1
Assorted questions for KS1
Use your numbers and number line
Learn to count and recognise numbers
Numbers, sizes and shapes
Different maths for KS1
Thinking about numbers
Numbers and counting
Number work for Year 1
How much change?
Number and basic facts revision
Multiplication of four digit numbers
HTU addition paper 6
Patterns, counting and sums
Numbers and facts page
Number patterns KS1
Racing car times
Calendar questions KS1
Snow White and Seven Dwarfs maths
Comparing numbers
Counting in tens
Ordering numbers to 100 Year 2
Everyday problems KS1
Tell a story maths KS1
Year 2 maths
Maths for Year 1 and 2 no 2
Counting KS1
Comparing numbers KS1
Maths challenge KS1
Key Stage 1 maths
Work out the costs
Ordinal numbers
KS1 maths paper
Buy these toys KS1
Shapes and graphs for KS1
Sum fun KS1
Total maths KS1
Work out the answers KS1
Matching answers
KS1 maths clowns
Sums are fun
KS1 maths most and less
Mouse maths KS1
KS1 maths numbers
Just as many
Farmyard maths KS1
Positional words maths KS1
Can you find the totals KS1?
Fishy and froggy sums
Graphs and grouping KS1
KS1 maths reading problems
Picture maths KS1

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