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All parents have many questions about their child's education and this newsletter addresses some of the questions we are frequently asked. Remember - when you subscribe to Parents in Touch you have access to personal professional advice by email. At just £5 a year when you take advantage of our current special offer, this opportunity is available to everyone, so don't miss out - SUBSCRIBE NOW. To enable you to see the value of the site, many of the resources below are available before you subscribe. Keep this newsletter by you for reference over the next few months - you will find it helpful and there is lots more help at
eBook on Geography for KS1 We have introduced our range of eBooks to cover some of our most requested topics. For just £1.99 you can download a focussed eBook which takes a progressive approach to the teaching of a specific subject. This approach has proved very popular with parents as it enables them to help their children at all stages of learning. Once you have downloaded your eBook, you will find it invaluable for many years to come. The range includes spelling, comprehension and subtraction; our two latest are thinking skills and geography - the full range can be found here.


Help your children at home We are often asked by parents about the best way to help their children at home without conflicting with the teaching done in school. Our resources are based on the National Curriculum, so provide excellent support for the learning done in school. One of our most popular sections is Help your child at home with... Enjoy the ideas in Helping with Science and make the most of time spent at home with younger children by Helping with phonics and words. We all need neat, legible Handwriting and in these days of computers children need as much practice as possible. Mental maths is essential for everyday life, as well as being an important part of maths tests and exams.

 girl Learning over the summer An important issue for both parents and teachers is how to keep children's learning going through the long summer break. One idea is to encourage your child to do a project on an area of special interest to them. Our pages on Help with Writing and literacy and Help with Punctuation cover essential skills which are needed in all aspects of writing. Spelling is one of our most frequently requested topics and Creative writing is another. These pages are full of ideas to help.


Questions parents ask Parents have a great variety of concerns so look at the page Questions parents ask for guidance and reassurance. Alternatively, why not use our Forum to share ideas and questions with other parents? Every parent wants to Improve their child's SATS results and this page has lots of ideas as well as links to SATS papers. As children start school make sure you and they are ready whether it is Getting ready for schoolMoving on at 11 or information about Secondary schools - this page will be helpful if this is your child's last primary year and you are visiting schools.


What will children learn at... It is useful to know what your child is learning at school at each stage. The better informed you are, the better you can help your child and the more confident you will be talking to teachers. Foundation Stage children may need reassurance, practice or even just for you to take the time to listen! As children reach 5 to 7 or 7 to 11 age groups they are likely to have some homework so you need to keep up to date! Key Stage 3 students may be more self sufficient but still need your encouragement and support.


Summer ideas Make the most of summer to get out and about. Here are lots of ideas for you to enjoy as a family, including Outdoor Games for Summer. Find out about the world around us and then test your knowledge with the Nature Quiz. Try some of the topic ideas such as the Trees Project and Topic on Bees. There are many ideas to choose from so you decide! Our country is full of wonderful places to visit - or if you can't visit, at least enjoy finding out about them.

worksheet finder

The Worksheet Finder is a wonderful tool for parents and teachers. Just select your subject, age-group and resource type, and all our resources - over 6000 of them - are sorted and displayed for you to use. Try it for yourself!

 Make the most of the summer with the help of the books recommended below - they are some of my favourites from recent reviews.  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

What Makes You You?

Get Out Nature Puzzles and Games Unbored Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace   

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Jackie Bacon

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