Schools and other child care settings are required by law to produce policies and other documentation which should be available to parents on request.
The required policies include:

Accessibility plan
Admissions policy
Charging policy
Child protection policy
Collective worship Policy
Community Cohesion Policy
Complaints procedure
Curriculum policy
Disability Equality Policy
Freedom of information publication scheme
Gender Equality Policy
Health and safety policy
Home-school agreements
Performance management policy
School Discipline and Pupil Behaviour Policies
Sex education policy
Special educational needs policy
Teachers’ pay policy

You will often find that policies are published on the school's own website,and some may be included in the prospectus.

Other documentation will include:

Attendance targets
Governors’ allowances (schemes for paying)
Instrument of government
Minutes of, and papers considered at, meetings of the governing body and its committees
Register of business interests of headteachers and governors
Register of pupils
Target-setting for schools

All schools and child care centres will have other policies in place, and these may be available to parents. If you have a particular concern, then do ask to see any relevant policies. Please remember, the policies on our web site are only examples, and exact content will vary between schools.

Sample policies will be found through the links below. Remember, these are only intended as examples - they do not relate to any specific school. Your child's school will have its own individual policies, which you will need to read.

Anti-bullying policy
Behaviour policy
Collective worship policy
Complaints policy

Homework policy
Sample handwriting & presentation policy
Child Protection Policy
Discipline and Behaviour Policy

Home school agreement
Admissions Policy
Foundation Stage Policy
SRE policy

Lost Child Policy
SEN Policy

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