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We have reviewed a selection of games which have been sent to us. These will help you and your child to have fun - family games are great to enjoy and bring all ages together.


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Orchard Toys Alphabet Flashcards

Like all Orchard toys and games, these flashcards are well made, with sturdy shiny card, rounded edges and bright colourful illustrations. These combine to make Alphabet Flashcards an ideal way to make the introduction of letters of the alphabet and first words fun and enjoyable for children. The cards are double-sided with ai picture of the word on one side and the letter of the alphabet on the other. The range of words on the flashcards is good, with a wide range of simple and complex words, ranging from ‘ant’ to ‘umbrella’. It is recommended that the cards can be used with children from the age of three to seven, but I think they could be used effectively with younger children to start word recognition and to encourage conversation. Alphabet Flashcards are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways to develop children's literacy skills, from teaching children the letters of the alphabet to whole words; parents will, no doubt, find their own ways to make really good use of this set. The cards also feature a handy visual alphabet guide. Depending how you use them, and the versatility is a good feature, the cards will promote language and literacy skills, develop letter and word recognition and encourage conversational skills. Buy from Orchard Toys.

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Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys

The whole family will enjoy Cheeky Monkeys. It's a fast-paced game with no hanging around as players battle to see who can collect the most bananas – but watch out for other players trying to steal them! Designed for children aged 4-8, this game of chance encourages children to think strategically and make decisions; this is a valuable skill and children will be having so much fun, they won't realise they are learning. in at every turn, as players must choose whether to play it safe after their first turn or spin the spinner to either collect or risk losing more bananas! The innovative design of the 3D tree and hanging monkeys adds another fun dimension to the game! It's easy to set up and play, and children will learn to think quickly, learn counting skills and develop hand-eye coordination." In January 2017, Cheeky Monkeys joined the ranks of Orchard Toys' award-winning games, winning a Best New Toy award at the London Toy Fair in the 'Games' category." This is well deserved, as the game offers lots of fun as well as educational value; we like the fact that children are just as likely to win as the adults. Buy your game from Orchard Toys.

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Orchard Toys Match and Spell Next Steps

This is the perfect progression from Orchard Toys’ bestselling, award-winning Match and Spell. It is suitable for children aged 5 and over, and the game helps to develop more advanced reading and spelling skills using both sounds and blends. The game is played by building a variety from 18 familiar and more advanced words, which include flower, moth, balloon and queen - each illustrated with an appropriate colour picture to help identify words. Parents can use the sound and blend cards to encourage children to make the individual sounds as well as saying the entire word aloud; it's useful for parents to have this guidance with blending so they can be sure they are doing this correctly. The game develops progressively as once children become more confident, they can turn over the boards to use the blank side for a more challenging game. Spelling can be seen as something of a chore, especially the regular spelling from school, but this is a fun way to make developing an essential skill really enjoyable and well as making the spellings easy to remember. As children play the game, they will also be developing their memory and observation skills and parents can make the most of the opportunities offered for discussion. A fun game that builds excellently on the earlier game. Buy from Orchard Toys.

Think Fun Yoga Spinner Game

We all know how important it is for children to have the opportunity for plenty of physical activities, and this enjoyable game is a great way to get the whole family to become more active, as well as encouraging them to work together. The first thing you will notice is the neat packaging; the spinner is part of a plastic box which neatly holds the cards and rule book. It is really simple to play - just spin the spinner, pick a Yoga Pose Card (there are 54 in all) that matches the colour it lands on and then hold the position for 10 seconds (it would be good if a timer was included in the game). The first to collect a card of each colour is the winner. Yoga Spinner is very reminiscent of the classic game of Twister, but it takes it a step further with players exercising both mind and body. There are so many benefits to be gained from this game - it will help to improve balance, posture, flexibility and coordination. The practice of yoga can calm and clear the mind to prepare it for optimal learning and this is a fun way to introduce yoga at a young age to nurture children's in a fun activity which can have lifelong benefits. The game is enormous fun to play and will give children a really positive view of yoga. Suitable for everyone aged 5 and up, there really are no benefits coming through age - children are just as likely to do as well as adults.

Carcassonne: New Edition Board Game from Z-Man Games

Carcassonne is a tile-based board game for two to five players. It is named after the medieval fortified town of Carcassonne in southern France, which is well known for its city walls and fortifications. In Carcassonne, players build the area surrounding the city, tile by tile; the standard tiles feature roads, cities, cloisters, grassland, or a combination of these, and they are laid to match. Players then place a follower (called a meeple) on fields, cities, roads or monasteries in order to score as many points as possible. These followers will become knights, monks, farmers and thieves, depending on where they are placed. The gameplay is easily explained but involves a high level of strategic thinking - the player who deploys his followers the best will win the game. There's plenty of tension as the players eagerly look out to find the tiles and followers that will further their game plan. One thing that we liked is the fact that you haven't won (or lost!) until the last tile is played; this keeps everyone fully engaged with the game. Carcassonne has been a hugely popular board game for many years, with many spin-offs attesting to its popularity. Now it has a completely new look to keep interest high, which includes two expansions: The River and the Abbot. The game is suitable for 2 to 5 players of 7+ and the average playing time is 35 - 45 minutes - the game is fast-paced and attention-grabbing throughout. The game box includes 72  Land tiles, 12 River tiles, a scoreboard 40 followers in 5 colours, 5 abbots in 5 colours plus a rulebook and supplementary sheet. Also available from your local friendly game shop. An excellent game, which is different every time you play; it's great fun as a family and also really enjoyable for just two players. We also like the fact you can play the game more simply for younger players, or just to get used to the rules

Peppa Pig Giant Snakes and Ladders Game from Jumbo Games

It's easy to take Snakes and Ladders for granted but this popular childhood game is an excellent way to develop numeracy skills as well as teaching children about taking turns and accepting that things don't always go right. This giant-sized floor version has a plastic mat which gives a playing area of 80 x 80cm; this super-size makes a really visually attractive game as there is lots of space for pictures of Peppa, her friends and family. The durability of the playing surface even allows children to play the game outside. There are four colourful playing counters, which are a good size and stay in position well - choose your favourite from Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, George or Peppa Pig. I won't describe the rules, they are far too well known but just to say that the first player to reach Peppa Pig’s House is the winner; there are just 50 squares on the mat which makes for a reasonably quick game for young children - it saves it dragging on too long. A great way to introduce a classic game.
Snakes and Ladders

Blue Orange Fast Flip Game

I do loves games that come attractively packaged and this game, in its triangular bright red metal tin, is very appealing. Inside the tin are rule books in several languages, and a set of cards along with tokens. It's perfect for travel, with its compact tin. The aim is to match the fruits to a number, or numbers to a fruit; you won’t know what match you’ll have to find until the next card is flipped! Whether you play with the tokens or with the cards alone, players need to think and act quickly to make a match; the game offers three different modes of play in all. The magic distribution of fruits on the cards guaranties that there is always one correct answer. Playing games is a great way to develop a range of key skills and this fast-moving game enhances visual perception (recognising shape, size and colour) and processing speed, and demands total concentration. The game is suitable for two to eight players aged 7 and above with a playing time of around 15 minutes, making it perfect for when you want an enjoyable way to happily occupy a short period of time. It's eco-friendly too - Blue Orange plant two trees for every one used in the making of their games.
Fast Flip

Drumond Park Stoopido Game

This is a real ice-breaker - I defy anyone to keep a straight face when playing this hilariously silly game. Everyone will have tremendous fun with this game and there's no use being shy - just forget any worries and get into the spirit of the game. The game includes four pairs of glasses and play starts by donning a pair each.Then the dice is rolled and whatever comes up - nose, eyes, ears or hat - players race to be the first to the appropriate card. They get to choose one of the appropriate colourful cardboard appendages - but they don't put it on themselves. Oh no - the fun is that they hang it on the glasses of whichever opponent they choose! There are two sides to each card, so there are lots of combinations that can be made. Stoopitoot brings even more fun to the game.  As play proceeds, players get to look more and more ridiculous, much o everyone's amusement. Children will be especially gleeful as they see their elders (and betters?) looking more and more silly.  The game ends when there is only one player left with an incomplete silly face. The game is simple to set up and play, so children can happily play on their own. It's all good family fun and is great for bonding. You can get some great pictures for the family photo album too!

Drumond Park "Dig In" Game

This is a fast-paced game of frantic finding fun which children and adults can play on equal terms. Players have to be the first to find their six pieces in the bowl full of different brightly coloured plastic pieces (128 in all) which include teddy bears, frogs, rockets, houses, ice creams and many more. It's quite a challenge, with 32 different items in all, as you have to match object and colour according to your cards. The wide range of pieces is very appealing and I think other games could be made up using them, too. There are two ways to play - the cards are grey one side, so you just have to match object, not colour; the other side has coloured objects to match - you decide at the start which way to play and it's good to have the variety. When the neat push-down timer is pressed, players have 15 seconds each to search. Once the time is up they make way for the next player. The good thing is that, even when your turn is over, you need to keep watching, looking for that elusive final piece or two, so there's no sitting out feeling bored. When the final bell goes it's a frantic free-for-all as you jostle for space and grab for your items before they are stirred into the mix again. Fast and frenetic, it's great fun for all the family and guaranteed to bring out the competitive streak in everyone. It's a good way to encourage memory and observation skills, too, as you need to keep an eye on the bowl while others are delving, to see if you can spot your missing pieces.
Dig InDig InDig In 


This brand new game, based on the phenomenally successful Bananagrams, is designed to help increase young children's vocabulary and letter recognition. Suitable for ages 4+, this version differs from the original in having lower-case letters (these are what children will initially learn at school) and coloured tiles, designed to make it easier for mini-wordsmiths to race to complete their word grid. The tiles are variously coloured, with all the vowels light orange; letters commonly reversed by children have distinct identities through the letter shape and the tile colour - a very useful feature. What really sets the game apart from other word games from the age are the double letter tiles which feature common digraphs such as ai, th and wh. Almost all children will learn to read and spell using phonics so this ties in perfectly with the curriculum - my 5 year old tester immediately spotted these. The basic game involves players (1 to 4) taking 15 single tiles and trying to use them all in a grid; tiles can be swapped. The advanced game includes the double-letter tiles; it's really good to see that a wide range of abilities is catered for (the two levels can be played together). amongst siblings and pals, Before children are ready for this, though, they will love the collection of 10 curriculum-based mini games which are designed to become more challenging, as confidence and vocabulary grows. I promise you that children will just think they are having fun, while in fact they are really reinforcing key skills; it's a brilliant way to learn and as the games progress from pre-schooler, through early reader and onto reader children will really gain knowledge of letters, words and spelling. It's extremely enjoyable to play and children love the challenge of making sure other players have got their spelling correct. I was impressed with the 10 games, which really do tie in with the curriculum and with the way children are taught. The game comes in, of course, its own banana-shaped pouch, which smoothly zips up to keep the tiles safe - it's ideal for travelling and visiting. It's well made, too, with the letters clearly standing out above the plastic and there's no paper to rub off so the tiles are really durable. The emphasis is on fun and My First Bananagrams will give hours of enjoyable learning; perfect for home and classroom. It's been really well thought out and excellently presented.
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Who can resist a game packaged like a banana? The bright yellow zip-up bag has immediate appeal and it is perfectly portable, making this a game for any time, any where. It would make a great stand-by for the car  - keep a set in the car and unscheduled stops or planned visits will have an extra element of fun. There are 144 lettered tiles and these are placed face down on the table to start. Each player takes a certain number of tiles (the number depends on the number playing) and the objective is for each player to create their own interlocking grid of words using all their letters. When a player has used all of their tiles, they call out "Peel!," and each player must draw a new tile from those remaining. This is where the game really gets challenging as you might have to rearrange all your letters into new words.If you get really stuck, you can swap a tile... but you have to take three in exchange. Play continues until all the letters are used up, and the winner is the one to use all their tiles up first. It's great because there's none of the frustrating waiting around that you get with games like Scrabble - every player is working out his or her own words at the same time. Great fun for all the family - but I really like My First BANANAGRAMS for younger ones for the way it teaches word sounds as well as letters. It's so simple to set up and really easy to play; it will increase vocabulary, especially if you allow the use of a dictionary which may slow down the individual (but that's a matter of choice) but does wonders for the vocabulary and spelling. The pack also suggests some alternate games and BANANAGRAMS can also be played by one person - a great way to hone your skills ready for competition! A simple but amazingly effective game which is fun for everyone.
bananagrams   bananagrams
 Orchard Toys

What's the Time, Mr Wolf? from Orchard Toys

As adults, we can forget how challenging it can be to learn to tell the time, especially as we use two totally different types of clock. This board game from the excellent Orchard Toys will help children develop both analogue and digital time telling skills, whilst enjoying a fun game. There are two game levels, which is good to see, and this makes the game suitable for children between the ages of 5 and 9. It's simple to set up - join together the jigsaw-type playing board and players' cards, and attach the hands to the clock face. The clock is a good size and the times are clearly marked. Now players must race their character around the board matching the times to the central clock – but watch out For Mr Wolf; it's ALWAYS dinner time for him! The second game requires players to match the digital or written times to the clock faces on each player's collection board. I really like the way this game addresses the different methods we use to tell the time, helping children to relate them to one another. The illustrations are a really good point about the game - they show a range of cute woodland animals enjoying all sorts of activities; the playing pieces are animals too. It's well made, on thick card and with pieces that easily pop out before first use. The game really does help to consolidate the learning of the different ways of telling the time, and if adults play along with children, there's plenty of opportunity to extend this key learning. Like all games, it encourages interaction, taking turns and concentration; it also encourages visual recognition and matching. All this, and children are thoroughly enjoying a fun time! An excellent game to help with an essential skill. Buy from Orchard Toys - and look at all their other super games too!
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Follow That Car! from Orchard Toys

The objective of the game is to be the first one to place all your playing cards onto the roadway. Each player starts off with five cards, and one is placed on the table to start building a road by matching either the colour or the vehicle - but watch out for roadblocks! Other players may put down a police, roadworks or flood card to block the road. It's a fun game which is very easy to set up and simple to play - children of 3+ (Orchard Toys say 4+, but I found a 3 year old played it very well) will happily play together, but they always enjoy an adult playing along too. Playing games offers many educational benefits - but children just think they are having fun! This game helps matching skills, both colour and (slightly more difficult) the shape of the vehicle (each of the vehicles types is driven by an appealing animal character). Observation skills are developed too. There's an element of planning ahead with the game, which helps develop strategic thinking. As with all games, children are learning to take turns, play with others and develop conversational skills. The playing pieces are all very colourful and well-made in strong card. A fun game for children. Buy from Orchard Toys.
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