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The Easter holidays are an excellent time to consolidate work done during the very busy Spring Term, as well as being able to enjoy some outdoor life again! Next term is an important term for exams, so the main focus of this newsletter is revision - we know you will find the papers useful. 
The Easter holidays give many families their first real opportunity of the year to get out and about to visit places and to enjoy seeing new life everywhere. Our Spring holiday project will give you plenty of ideas. Enjoy finding out together about Easter celebrations around the world and The first Easter Rabbit.

SATS KS1 It is always useful for children to see the format of an examination paper before the actual test. It also enables you to spot any weak areas and help your child with further explanation. Our SATS page has links to actual tests in English and maths.

revision paper Key Stage 1 Help your child prepare for the tests and reinforce the work done so far this year with English thoughts for Year 2 and English activities 6 and 7 year olds 2.  We have plenty of maths revision papers too - take a look at KS1 maths revision paper and you will find more at the same link.
SATS 2013

SATS KS2 We have links to a wide range of SATS papers on the site. There is also valuable guidance on tackling SATS papers. The new SATS format for English places increased emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar. There are sample papers available. 

maths paper

Key Stage 2 Encourage your child to attempt some of our practice papers and then you can identify any areas which need a little extra help. Beaches: revision paper for KS2 SATS English covers all areas and Maths for 11 multi-choice gives the opportunity to try a different format.


Foundation Stage These papers are fun to explore together at home. As you talk about An insect alphabet and the Ourselves topic  you are expanding your child's vocabulary, reinforcing and increasing their knowledge and helping them to enjoy learning. Learn about colour and shapes helps with these early concepts.


KS3 maths This is a good time to start revision, and our papers, for example Revision for KS3 maths and Maths revision topics for KS3, cover many of the topics to help parents and pupils work on these successfully. Once you have identified areas which need some support, try our papers on specific topics, for example Formulae

KS3 science Science is a key subject at KS3, and now is an excellent time to review some of the work students have done during the year. Try our KS3 science paper for revision and KS3 science paper which will help find any areas where a little extra revision would be useful. Please look at the Worksheet Finder to find all our KS3 science pages.
KS3 English The free paper shown on the left covers many aspects of the KS3 curriculum. We have plenty of resources to help with revision. For comprehension try Great Expectations - a colourful worksheet which will inspire your student. Ten top tips for English is a really useful guide for all aspects of revision. Reading poetry is wonderful and is very helpful in developing creative writing skills. Have a look at Poetry on trees.

Revision Guides There are lots of revision guides on the market but how do you choose the best one for your child? Take a look at our reviews to help you decide. For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child be sure to visit our Best new books pages. 

Early Comprehension  Punctuation  Practise and Learn Maths  Reading Comprehension Skills  

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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