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In this end of year newsletter, we look at some of the comments commonly found on school reports, and offer worksheets and suggestions that will help you work on these points with your child.

Check out the quotes below to see if you've read something similar on your child's school report! 

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Problem solving
"Knows tables but must concentrate on how to use them"
"Needs more help with problem solving"
"Knows basic four rules but must work more quickly"

"Needs to increase confidence in his own abilities”
“Still needs to be more self confident”
“Work more quickly and with confidence”



Reading skills
“needs to improve reading skills” 
“must extend vocabulary” 
“improve spelling and presentation”
Spatial awareness and reasoning
“must be able to relate one piece of information to another” 
“be aware of all the implications to the question”
“be able to solve a problem in more than one way”
Lateral thinking 
“Approach problems from a different angle”
“Needs to think around a problem”
“Must extend range of thought and thinking processes”
“Must develop more extended thought processes”
“Must develop the ability to predict results”
“Apply logic to help solve problems or tasks”
“Be systematic and logical in approaching work”
“Show the logic in arriving at their answer”
“Think slowly and with care to arrive at the correct answer”
Foundation Stage  Even young children can benefit from and enjoy tackling problems and activities which challenge them.
Fun maths
These enjoyable activities are a great way to reinforce maths concepts in a fun and engaging way. You can find plenty more ideas on our Fun maths page.
Many of us enjoy quizzes - just look at the popularity of pub quizzes and quiz shows on TV. Fun to do as a family or with friends, everyone enjoys showing off their knowledge!

Smart Games produce a fantastic range of one-player games, ideal to improve concentration and thinking skills in an enjoyable way.  Simple to play and neatly boxed so they are easy to take out and about, the challenges are divided into 4 or 5 levels of difficulty. You start with the easiest challenges. See my full reviews and more games here.

SMart Games 1Smart Games 3smart 5smart 1


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Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

 Brain Games for Clever Kids Bright Kids Who Can't Keep Up The Parents' Guide to Specific Learning Difficulties Mind Maps for Kids: Study Skills

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