Summer ideas and activities

Summer crafts, games and activities

Summer is a great time for parents and children to enjoy activities together. Crafts and games are fun to participate in as a family.When travelling it is useful to occupy children with books, games and even singing together in the car. Have fun and enjoy each other's company.

Nature projects
Topic on garden birds
Minibeast lifecycles
Summer science
Summer craft ideas
Summer activities
Summer poems and activities
Singing games
Outdoor games for summer
Summer action rhymes
More summer crafts
Paper crafts for boys
Flower crafts
Activities for summer
Holiday vocabulary
Keeping safe in the holidays
Puppet show
Playing through the summer
Fun for under £5
Paper dolls
Summer pack
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Outdoor games for summer
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Summer science 2
Summer science 2

Places to visit 

There are many interesting places to visit and here are some ideas below. When visiting these places remember to collect some mementos and to take photographs to enjoy the occasion again when you return home. It can be expensive to take the family out but there are plenty of places you can visit free of charge. Many urban farms are free and give town/city children a great opportunity to get close to animals. Many of the smaller local museums do not charge for entry and are a good chance to get to know your local area.

Hadrian's Wall
The Mary Rose
Eden Project activities
Thames Barrier
Giant's Causeway
Loch Ness
Isle of Wight
The Jurassic Coast
Llandudno 2
Lulworth Cove

Know the UK

Research project on the UK
Geography of the UK
UK map quiz
UK quiz
How well do you know the UK?
The River Thames

The world around us 

The world is a big place and it is important that we respect other people's customs and beliefs. Every country has its own traditions and it is often stimulating to participate in these and to observe the wildlife, the countryside and the food that is served.

The Countryside Code
Solar eclipse
Weather lore
Pond dipping
Nature quiz for children
Can you recognise these flowers?
British trees
British birds
British flowers
British wild animals
River activities
Sea and cliff
Lake, river and pond
Animal and bird spotter's guide
Sea life
National Parks


During the summer there is time to enjoy a new topic. Here are some ideas for you to research and then present your topic in your own manner. Enjoy visiting the beach, the river and observing as well as photographing the trees and insects around you.

Topic on pirates
Project on beaches
Trip to the river
Dinosaur project
Topic on bees
Topic on water
Insect topic
Trees project
Topic on Victorian toys and games
An alien topic
Rainy day topic
Thomas the Tank Engine topic
Topic on butterflies
Minibeasts topic

 Travel games

Travel takes time and children get bored quickly so it is ideal to have games and activities to keep all the family busy. As you play you can enjoy each other's company and still be aware of all the sights around you.

Have a happy journey
Travelling word search
I spy on the road
I spy as I travel
Travel games
20 fun things to do as you travel
Travel fun
Travel Fun Activity Book
Games for a car journey

Thinking skills

Children enjoy challenging their parents at puzzles and sometimes being the one person who can solve the question. Try some and see!

Lateral thinking 3
Logic problem
Reasoning puzzle 5
Thoughtful questions

Fun maths

Maths is fun but these questions are especially enjoyable as you can ask questions and think laterally. Challenge an adult to see who solves the puzzles!

Maths fun
Maths reasoning 5-All sorts
Maths fun for year 4
Maths game for Year 6


A prize helps to make quizzes even more interesting and exciting! Have fun wit the ones below!

Geography what's what
Quiz for all the family
Research quiz
Children's quiz

Science activities

Try making a pinhole camera from the instructions below and you will find that science can be both fun and challenging. Summer is a great time for gardening and growing your own food. Have fun and enjoy!

Fun science experiments with food
Have fun with colours 2
Helping plants grow well - activities
Pinhole camera
Science fun
Shadow activities
Fun science experiments physics 1
Fun science experiments physics 2
Fun science experiments chemistry
Fun science experiments

Activities for pre-school children

Here are some ideas for younger children! See if you can make your footprints disappear!

Seaside 'S' words & colouring
Footprints-fun activity
Fun for foundation stage topic


Cooking with Mum or Granny is fun! Find a recipe that you like and try making it for Daddy's tea! He will be so pleased!

Planning a meal
Recipes - make a scrapbook
Living salad
Picnic recipes
Barbecue recipes
Packed lunches - vegetarian
Packed lunches


Colouring is fun and it is even better if you can display it beautifully. Try some of the ideas below and arrange your pictures in a folder to show to your family.

Insect colouring pages
Seasons colouring
Madagascar colouring book
Pets colouring
Summer flower colouring

Books about summer

Reading is relaxing and enjoyable so choose some of the books suggested below and have a great summer! Lots more ideas about books on our reading pages. There is nothing better than sand, sea and a good book! Try it and see. Many public libraries run some form of reading challenge over school holiday periods which can really help to get your child into reading. They also run, throughout the year, story telling sessions, often aimed at younger children.


The wind in the willows
Winnie the Pooh
The machine gunners
The adventures of Tom Sawyer

Books to take out and about


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