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Our wide-ranging resources are perfect for busy teachers and teaching assistants. The worksheet on St David's Day is a good basis for a topical lesson. We have selected topics that will interest KS3 pupils, as well as relating to the curriculum -  street fashion (KS3) and climate change for KS3 are good discussion topics. Use our revision worksheets for quick tests to check pupils' progress and then reinforce learning with the relevant worksheets.

lesson plan 
Teachers' pages Thinking about the months ahead, the lesson plan on gardening is good to introduce children to the idea of growing their own food. Children also enjoy learning about St David.
English Many pupils will be interested in Street Fashion; we all need to learn about climate change as it affects all of us.
Maths Revision exercises are useful to discover areas in maths that need reinforcing. Try these papers with your pupils to remind them about these essential concepts.
Foundation Stage Pupils at this age love singing; songs about numbers and the alphabet reinforce learning. Colouring inside the lines and patterns teaches pupils in Foundation Stage to use pencils carefully and to colour neatly.
Spelling and Phonics Phonics help pupils to improve their spelling and to differentiate between short and long sounds. Words with silent e are good for revision for KS3 pupils.
Science These worksheets will be helpful in your science lessons about the human body, disease and breathing. It is important to understand and use the correct scientific language and to spell all the science words correctly.
Take a look at our book Giveaways for this month. Ripley's Believe It Or Not is full of amazing facts. Our collection of baby books is ideal for new babies. Young readers will enjoy the Trebizon series and The Class is perfect for those new to school. The Sticker Dolly Dressing will be popular with girls.

Books  Our Best new books pages have plenty of ideas for classroom and school library use, as well as our special section on book reviews for teachers which cover many of the latest books.

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Teaching Primary Science The Little Book of Messy Play 50 Fantastic Ideas for Outside All Year Round Teacher Toolkit

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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