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Micro Scooters are THE scooters you see everywhere and are much loved by children and parents across the country. Now it’s your chance to start the new school term in a stress-free stylish way.

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More about the scooters...

This is a holiday month so let us hope that the sun continues to shine and we can all enjoy being outside! We have included in this newsletter papers which could be used in the garden, when travelling and enjoyed together as a family. All will help your children to be ready for school in September. Enjoy a great summer and have fun in the sun!

Summer Crafts and Activities Children always enjoy crafts and creating things with an adult. This not only extends their vocabulary but helps with creativity, fine motor skills and concentration.
Science Children do love to experiment and can be quite creative with their ideas and suggestions. This is to be encouraged and working with your children helps with their thinking skills and extends vocabulary.
Topics Children are full of questions - how, why, when... Why do lady birds have spots, why is the sky blue, how do you build a house etc. Work together with these topics helps with all aspects of learning.
KS1 English Word puzzles help with spelling, concentration and increase reading vocabulary. Children love poetry so try some as a bedtime 'story'. All these papers will help increase imagination and prepare children for the new school year.
KS2 English  Children at this stage of learning like to show you what they know and explain how things are done in school. Working together can ensure that children have fun while achieving all these benefits.


KS3 English Pupils in Key stage 3 are capable of research, making notes, planning a topic and including diagrams, illustrations and perhaps maps or photographs which they have taken to illustrate their work.
KS1 maths It is important after a holiday to do some maths work with your child to refresh numbers, the four rules and counting. You children will be looking forward to a new teacher so help prepare them for this new stage of learning.
KS2 maths Revision always helps a child with confidence and the ability to tackle work quickly and correctly. Look at the Baking maths paper and have fun learning together.
KS3 maths If your child is starting KS3 they may be going to a new school. Together, try some of the papers here so that they produce work correctly and accurately and make a good impression at their new school or year group.
Foundation Stage It is fun to play matching games altogether and it is amazing how this helps children learn. Take photographs together of a picnic or at the beach and use these as a basis for a topic.
Spelling There are many card games and computer programs which will help with spelling which are fun to use together. Some children are natural spellers but most need a helping hand to master these. Test yourself on these with your child.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Make the most of summer with Pumpaloons and Bubble Buster games. Enjoy classics from Hesperus Books and Katie's Picture Show. We have a special treat for Batman fans. Chloe's Closet on DVD wll be a hit with younger children. Starting school? I'm Going to School is perfect.

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. Here are some ideas for summer games and toys too.

Nature Activities Bugs and Butterflies Big Book of Amazing Activities RSPB 365 Outdoor Activities
My Living World Spider World Junior Alias Travel Game Playmobil Pirate Ship Great Gizmos Green Science Weather Station

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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