Year 7

Children in year 7 are now in Key Stage 3. They will find that in secondary school they will be learning in a different way. Additionally, they have the challenges of becoming familiar with the geography of the school, making new friends, establishing a new routine and moving around the school between lessons. They have to be more organised. Homework will be set and so they need to be organised at home as well.


Typically, the school will start the academic year with revision of the work covered in year 6 but will soon progress to more advanced work in algebra, handling data, measurement and space. 

Below, is a selection of typical year 7 papers designed to support your child through the year's work. Additionally, all of these topics are covered in worksheets you can find through the Worksheet Finder which will provide further practice as required.  

An assorted maths paper for Year 7
Convert these decimals for Year 7
General maths for Year 7
General maths paper for Year 7
Maths paper for Year 7
Maths suggestions for Year 7
Maths-preparation for year 7
Mental maths for Year 7
Mental maths for Year 7 no 2
Mental maths test Year 7
Proportion worksheet for Year 7
Questions for year 7 maths
Questions on symmetry for Year 7
Word problems Year 7
Year 7 revision questions and answers
Year 7 revision paper in maths
Year 7 revision questions and answers
A project about pyramids for year 7
Maths for 12 year olds
Mental arithmetic for Year 7
Maths questions for Year 7


English at Key Stage 3 will include topics such as: writing a speech, comprehension based on famous people such as Marie Curie and Shakespeare, cartoon writing, and even oxymorons.

These papers provide ideal practice to reinforce school work.

A smuggler's song Year 7 comprehension
Book list for Year 7
Comprehension on Tom Sawyer Year 7
A visit from St Nicholas comprehension Y7
Comprehension balloon journey Y7
Comprehension cinema poster Y7
Comprehension skateboarding Y7
English lesson plan for Year 7
English paper Year 7 exams-grandfather
Lesson plan for writing for Year 7
Lesson plan on reading for Year 7
Owl pellets Year 7 comprehension
Spelling and comprehension for Year 7
Spelling Year 7
The Woodlanders Year 7 comprehension
Victorian Thief Year 7 comprehension
Year 7 English
Year 7 spelling bank
Comprehension about adventures Y7 and 8
Short writing tasks Year 7
Plurals for Year 7
Prefixes and suffixes Year 7

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