Year 8

Children in year 8 are in Key Stage 3 and will have established their own routines both in school and at home. They are now growing in confidence and beginning to think about subject choices and careers.


Pupils in this year will cover aspects of maths which include: handling data, ratio and proportion, formulae, sequences and the nth term. The suggestions below will help with these.

Many pupils will be working towards examinations so it is necessary to be able to work quickly and supply good explanations. These papers will provide practice and an opportunity to reinforce work done.

Algebra for Year 8
Algebraic fractions for year 8
Brackets and simplifying for year 8
Foundation GCSE maths for Year 8
Further maths for Year 8
Mental maths test Year 8
Word problems Year 8
Year 8 maths paper on number
Year 8 maths revision
Year 8 maths to help revise
Year 8 optional mental maths
Year 8 short maths test


Can you write a rant? This may be one of the questions asked of year 8 pupils! As the work is quite diverse at this stage of learning it will help them to have a broad knowledge of literature, be able to spell accurately, use good grammar and develop a vivid imagination.

They may also enjoy some classical literature such as Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights or even Seamus Heaney.

Thoughts on spellings Year 8
Year 8 revision English paper
Comprehension on Hard Times Year 8
Reading a map

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