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Key stage 1 reading tasks

KS1 maths revision paper

KS1 English Getting to know cats

Our cafe - thoughts for parents

Keyboard for computer

Brain game for Early years

Brackets and simplifying for year 8

Kerala life in India

Blank multiplication square

Comprehension Key stage 2 Erastus

Biggest and smallest

Let us learn to count-beginning of number


Extended schools

Instructions for creating balloons in Word

Ball counting

Independent school visits

Asking questions on graphing

A shorter writing task with guidelines


I spy seaside

ar sounds-This is a star passage

I spy on the road

Arranging decimals

I spy EYFS Spelling

I spy in the country

Arithmetic long division revision 6, 7 & 8

I spy as I travel

I spy animals

I spy

Islam and the Crusades

Irish timeline

Irish Free State


Arithmetic -multiplication and divison 4 and 5

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To download worksheets - view your subscription options (from £20/yr)