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Charles Macintosh


Connecting adverbs Year 6

Gordon the balloon

How to develop fine motor skills

Fractions for Year 1

Maths test for Year 1

Statements and questions for Year 1

Phonic sounds satip for Reception

Numbers for Reception no 2

Numbers for Reception no 1

Counting for Reception

Ready for school checklist

Addition and subtraction Year 1 no 3

Addition and subtraction Year 1 no 2

Addition and subtraction Year 1 no 1

Non-narrative ideas Year 1

Kent test familiarisation booklet

Creative writing fairy tales


The Romantic Poets

Colours for FS

Clothes handwriting cursive

Clothes handwriting

Colours handwriting cursive

Colours handwriting

Atoms and elements for Year 7

My family comprehension Year 1

Spelling the 'schwa' sound

Writing prompts for winter KS2

Story prompts for winter KS1

Colouring pages for winter

Jelly Boots, Welly Boots

Great inventions for teachers

Water transport for teachers part 2

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