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Colour topic for foundation stage

Colour chart

My clothes to colour

Colour these fractions

French colouring topic

Children's television

Sum puzzles

Home-made chicken nuggets

Change a fraction to a percentage

Life cycle of a frog

CE English questions

Left handed writing

Letters uvwxyz

Communication, language and literacy

Letters pqrst

Letters klmno

Letters fghij

Letters abcde

Write this story about a cat

Leisure survey

Learn how to write your numbers

Card 4-4 Areas of learning & development

Card 4-3 Creativity & critical thinking

Card 4-2 Active learning

Early Years Foundation Stage

Card 4_1 Play and exploration

Card 3-4 The wider concepts

Card 3-3 The learning environment

Lateral thinking 5

Card 3-2 Supporting every child

Lateral thinking 4

Lateral thinking 3

Card 3-1 Observation and assessment

Card 2-4 Key person

Card 2-3 Supporting Learning

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